Gender Focus winds up after seven years of feminist blogging

by | July 17, 2016
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It is with mixed feeling that I am winding up Gender Focus after seven years. The website will remain live, but we will not be accepting new content.

Screencap of what Gender Focus looked like in 2010

Screencap of what Gender Focus looked like in 2010

Seven years ago I had some spare time and decided to start a feminist blog with a particular focus on Canadian pop culture, politics and current events. This blog would attempt to articulate intersectional feminist viewpoints, to be anti-racist and trans-inclusive.

Over seven years, through a few early name changes and a couple of significant re-designs, we at Gender Focus published more than 1,500 posts on topics including: childhood feminist role models; missing and murdered Indigenous women; sexism in politics; TV reviews of shows like Girls and Sense8; rape culture; racism in academia; abortion rights in the Maritimes; trans bathroom rights; and much more.

We remained wholly non-profit, never accepting advertising or other revenues. We won several awards, including the 2014 Canadian Weblog Award for Best Activism & Social Justice, and Best Political Blog.

We published writing by more than 110 different contributors, mostly from Canada and the US but also as far away as Australia and Bangladesh.

We could not have made it this long without so many people’s talent and courage in sharing their stories – or without you, the readers, for responding with enthusiasm.

There are too many people to thank, but particularly I need to thank Lyndsay Kirkham for her assistance co-editing this past year. She provided a fresh eye on our content and invaluable support keeping up with contributor inquiries and social media posts.

Unfortunately, the amount of work needed to generate regular, quality content for Gender Focus has become unsustainable. And the role Gender Focus filled in the feminist blogosphere feels well supplemented now by many new blogs and columnists who have entered the scene since we were founded.

So what now? You’ll still be able to follow Gender Focus on Facebook and Twitter, where we’ll be sharing great feminist content curated from other sites. You’ll continue to be able to find me talking feminism in Star Trek on the Women at Warp podcast, and my other blog, Trekkie Feminist.

And if you’re looking for an intersectional, Canadian feminist writing fix, here are just a few other great places to look:

Keep asking questions. Keep listening and learning. Keep raising your voice for equality and social justice.

And live long and prosper.


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