Manspreading is an Important Feminist Issue, Not Just Bad Social Etiquette

by | February 13, 2016
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It’s no secret that manspreading is a hot topic of late, especially when it comes to feminist discourse. Many list it as one one of the problems to be tackled on the Feminist To-Do List, but it turns out that few actually know why.

Then there are those who don’t see it as an important feminist issue at all. On one side is the argument that that manspreading is mostly harmless and it’s just men needing some extra space for their cocks and balls. Others argue it’s just a matter of someone being an asshole vs. not an asshole. Many of my feminist friends—male and female alike—fall into the second category.

But what all these people fail to realise is that they are adopting the same false arguments that we have all been raised with in this patriarchal system.

On a heated Facebook discussion about manspreading, many of my male feminist friends chimed in to state that they sometimes manspread, and they do it simply to let their cocks and balls breathe a little. They assured me that they make room when someone needs the seats around them, and that by sitting with their legs spread, they are simply doing it for the sake of comfort – not out of some malicious attempt to prove that men rule and girls drool.

There are so many problems with this argument that I’m overwhelmed just trying to decide where to begin.

I’ll acknowledge, having never had a cock and balls myself, I don’t know if men really need all that extra space for their man-parts. But if they do, how come women don’t claim extra room as well? I don’t know about you, but when I’m on my period and I’m wearing a pad, I literally want nothing more than to spread my legs wide when sitting anywhere—the last thing I want to do is keep them tightly shut, which scrunches up the pad and often causes leaks. Not to mention when I get up after sitting with closed legs, physics does its job and the newfound air sucks out large clumps of period blood and makes me feel like I’ve dropped a load from my pussy. All because I sat with closed legs and then got up and opened my legs a little.

Alternately, even when I’m not on my period, I like letting my vagina have extra space. With the hair down there and various vaginal fluids constantly dripping out, and panties, which can be restrictive in themselves, keeping my legs closed is a pain in my ass most of the time. Dropping my knees to the side and letting my vag get some space is a glorious feeling.

And I bet I’m not alone in that thinking. Yet, rarely do we find women relaxed on any public property with their legs spread wide. And if we do see women taking up more room than they’re conventionally entitled to, we see them more willing to give up the extra room when someone else needs it. I rarely ever see men do this.

Then there are men who make the argument that women will take up an entire extra seat with just purses and bags, and somehow that is the same as manspreading to them. But imagine walking into a subway train and seeing two empty seats: one beside a women whose has set her large purse partially on it, and the other beside a man who is sitting with his legs spread, totally relaxed. Are you more likely to go up to the woman and say, “Excuse me, could you please move your bag so I can sit down?” or are you likely to go to the man and say, “Excuse me, could you close that gap between your legs so I can sit down?”

Chances are, you’re most likely to ask the woman to move her purse than ask the man to close his legs. In fact, more often than not, the woman will remove her bag when she notices new people entering the train while men will not be aware of the space they’re taking up unless explicitly asked to move. And rarely do they explicitly get asked to move.

Therein is illustrated two truths: the first is that women are generally considered easier to approach. I’ve noticed this when riding any sort of public transit; when given the choice between sitting beside a man or sitting beside a woman, people—regardless of gender—tend to sit beside the woman. It could be that women are seen as less intimidating or easier to dominate. I really don’t know, but it annoys the hell out of me as a woman who rarely ever gets to sit alone, while men enjoy empty seats beside them regularly.

The second truth that hypothetical situation reveals is that, generally, women are hyper-aware of how much room they take up. We are raised like that: we are raised to sit with closed legs, to not talk or laugh too loudly, to not be seen or heard, to take up as little space in the world as possible.

Men are not taught this: men are not taught to sit with their legs closed or to dress modestly or not laugh loudly in public. They are not discouraged from being seen and heard in the world. So for women, whom society has raised to to be aware of the room they take up, when a subway car begins to fill up, we’re a little too aware that our bags or feet or even a corner of our coats are taking up more room than we need and we are usually quick to fix it and dissolve back into the background.

This is the patriarchy for you: raising girls to feel like they are doing the world a disservice by existing, and raising boys to feel like the world is their oyster—both of these even if the individual doesn’t realise it him- or herself. And this trickles down into every aspect of the lives of all genders: from how we sit and where we choose to sit, to what we say and how we decide to say it, to what we wear and how we’re treated when we walk down the street.

Seldom ever will a man and woman have the same experience in any of those situations, and more often than not it’s the male-identifying cis men who will have it easiest, and that will allow them to sit with their legs spread and often be totally unaware of anyone else until someone pointedly asks them to adjust themselves to accommodate those around them.

This isn’t to say that men who manspread and claim it’s for the sake of their cocks and balls are assholes. When I encounter a manspreading man, I rarely ever suspect that he’s doing it out of malice. More often than not, I get angry that in this day and age, they’re not “woke” enough to either realise that they are not entitled to the world. Or I get frustrated that they have been brainwashed by the patriarchy into making excuses for seemingly minuscule things like manspreading.

Because manspreading it’s not a minuscule thing at all; it’s an act of dominance that is the result of deep-rooted societal privilege borne of our patriarchal society. It may not seem like something worth talking about when there are so many more crucial problems that feminism needs to tackle first, but I see becoming aware of and amending small inequalities to be nearly as important as the bigger ones.

Only by changing our everyday habits can we become enlightened enough to better understand and find solutions for the bigger, “more important” issues.

Photo of manspreading on a Stockholm Metro by Peter IsotaloOwn work, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

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  • Leisure Muffin

    If you are in an area where space is at a premium, yes, anyone who takes up more room than they need is being an asshole. Other than that, the real issue here is not that men shouldn’t sit comfortably, but rather that some people, including yourself, buy into outdated and irrelevant social mores regarding how “ladies” should act. Which society DOES need to let go of. But the answer is not to guilt a group of people into the EXACT SAME kind of pointless oppression that still affects women today, and caused you to write about this issue in the first place.

    • Philip

      Which society DOES need to let go of.

      Society? Nope. If you are a woman/man sit however you like. Who in the world is putting this social pressure? Next to no one, and if they are saying something, I bet they are female! furthermore, there’s this magic little word called NO. try it out.

      • mono

        You make it sound so easy but the truth it people are rarely aware of the pressure society puts on them. Why? Because the pressure is everywhere, in our words, behaviours, convictions, in media and school programs. It’s like air – it is so constant and ever present, that it is invisible.
        Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. All it takes is opening your mind a little bir to other people’s perspectives.

        • Jesus

          So we should all go out of our way to cure woman’s insecurities? Someone being unable to approach me because of “pressure” isn’t my problem.

    • Red Wizard Of Thay

      shopping bags

  • admi66

    crock of sht. opening your legs past a certain distance is probably an issue. But as far as opening your legs, I am sorry to say this, but just because you feel a certain way doesn’t mean men need to change their posture. They are doing it because that is the way we sit and we don’t want our genitalia squished. If you want to do the same because of tampons/whatever, do it.

  • Megan

    “women are generally considered easier to approach. I’ve noticed this when riding any sort of public transit; when given the choice between sitting beside a man or sitting beside a woman, people—regardless of gender—tend to sit beside the woman. It could be that women are seen as less intimidating or easier to dominate. I really don’t know, but it annoys the hell out of me as a woman who rarely ever gets to sit alone, while men enjoy empty seats beside them regularly.”
    Alright. I find the whole man spreading thing a petty argument and if this is what “real oppression” is, then you should go talk to girls who aren’t allowed to leave their homes without a man at their side in the Middle East. But THIS part of your argument was ridiculous. It is NOT the man’s fault that people generally choose to sit next to a woman; and if you somehow find it a “nuisance” that someone chose to sit next to you on PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION, that is your problem and you’re gonna have to learn to deal with it or just use a different way to get around.

    • Red Wizard Of Thay

      BS I avoid women on subways or looking at them even by accident. They always scowl when you accidentally glance in there general direction. Even if your just looking out the window. Especially Toronto women. If you’re not wearing a conformist suit and look handsome with a lot of money. They treat you like your diseased if you glance in there direction. Even when you’re not looking at them.

    • mono

      Just because someone else’s situation is bad doesn’t mean I have to conform to rude behaviour and bear it quietly. Essentialy, it means I am allowed to complain if someone takes up more space than it is predicted or invades my space with their legs. This is what this article is about. I’m glad the situation isn’t worse but it’s not a reason to not notice that everything is not yet all right

      • Let’s just get this straight: is it rude for a man to spread so as to sit comfortably in light of having male genitalia regardless of whether said man is willing to move when asked?

        • mono

          No, it’s not. Why would it be? I sit comfortably when I can.

    • you mad bro?

      Woman are pathetic

  • Stormwatch

    What a load of nonsense. No wonder nobody takes feminists seriously.

    • Dustin Whitehair

      All of these sjw types are a fucking joke. They make me fucking sick

      • Marley2993

        Stormwatch, it’s easy to ignore other people’s suffering (regardless of gender) when life always works in your favour. If you were a little boy raised to always close your legs, take up as little space as possible, and be as conservative as just about every little girl in the world is then you would want equality (feminism) too because you would recognise that every girl had more freedom, more entitlement, and more power than you.

        • Danny Timms


          • Marley2993

            Did I even mention patriarchy or feminism? Nope. I just spoke the obvious out of common sense, pal. If women were bigger and stronger than you, you would want to be that way too because anything that throws its fists around in a manly fashion is bound to be dominant, isn’t it, Danny?
            If I was a woman, I’d beat the shit out of anyone trying to dominate me. Maybe they should be more assertive when they feel by men spreading themselves. I think I’m pretty well endowed but my balls don’t need a meter between, you know what I’m saying?

          • Danny Timms

            Did I even mention patriarchy or feminism? Nope. DIDN’T NEED TO, YOUR POSITION IS OBVIOUS I just spoke the obvious out of common sense, pal. HAHAHA! GOOD LUCK COPING IF THAT’S WHAT YOU THINK IS COMMON SENSE, AND I’M NOT YOUR PAL. If women were bigger and stronger than you, you would want to be that way too because anything that throws its fists around in a manly fashion is bound to be dominant, isn’t it, Danny? MEANINGLESS RANT. If I was a woman, I’d beat the shit out of anyone trying to dominate me. SO HOSTILE! LUCKY FOR WOMEN FEW MEN ARE LIKE YOU AND WANT TO BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF ANYONE TRYING TO DOMINATE THEM. It wouldn’t be equality if men couldn’t fight back. MAKES NO SENSE. Maybe they should be more assertive when they’re made to feel submissive by men spreading themselves and we shouldn’t be surprised when they are. IDIOTIC ARGUMENT. FEELINGS ARE SUBJECTIVE. I think I’m pretty well endowed but my balls don’t need a metre between, you know what I’m saying? BRAGGING ABOUT YOUR MANLINESS DEMONSTRATES YOUR INSECURITY. THANKS FOR A GOOD LAUGH!

          • Marley2993

            How is it a meaningless rant? Do you not think women want to be in positions of power too? Managers, politicians? Heck, I know women who are body builders and could snap either of us like twigs but they have feminine demeanours which stops them from throwing their weight around like men do. It’s dismissive language like yours that stops women from wanting to progress because they’re being flat-out ignored by men like you! I’m not an idiot, I know that if they weren’t looked down upon and had us doing shit for them all the time, it’d be better for all of us in the long run! You’d have to be fucking blind not to see it!
            Like I said, pal, it’s easy to ignore other people’s suffering when it works in your favour. You probably don’t have a clue what women go through because you can’t be arsed opening your eyes but when they bring it up, you’ll probably just accuse them of being hysterical bitches. Try to listen to them, that’s all they want.
            If you don’t believe me then why don’t you question why men tend to think women belong in the kitchen rather than the battlefield? Do you not reckon it’s because men have been telling them for centuries that they’re weak, not capable, and subservient? Takes a whole culture and society to maintain the shackles of gender, pal. Women don’t even need us. Try reading a book like ‘Herland’. According to science, they don’t even need us to procreate anymore. Think I’ll go and kill myself now.

          • BRIANNA VIOLET


            Marley was trying to appeal to your ideals when he talked about his balls he wasn’t bragging and yes “it wouldn’t be equality if men couldn’t fight back” doesn’t make sense to you because you failed to notice that he was trying to instill empathy and flip the tables so what he was really saying is more like ” it’s not equality because women can’t (really) fight back” so yes you’re an idiot but don’t worry because you still get other idiots to give you a promotion before me.

          • By all means, start yelling! It will make you look very intelligent and helps to further your point and your credibility.
            Oh, wait…

          • BRIANNA VIOLET

            Ok yeah I’ll give you that one, did you read the bit that wasn’t in caps?

          • BRIANNA VIOLET

            Wait why do you even have an account on this website if you don’t like the content?

          • Because I do what I want without having to justify my actions to random morons on the internet, like you. Any more stupid questions, kiddo?! :)

          • BRIANNA VIOLET

            It was a completely valid question that you still haven’t answered and I would like you to think about.

            I would also like you to not call me kiddo, or otherwise belittle me. Because you wouldn’t do it in real life. And If you did I would respond as I just did.

          • You think you can demand to get all your questions on the internet answered?! Srsly?!? You really are a special kind of retard, kiddo! xDDD

            Again: I do what I want and I won’t justify any of my actions to some moronic stranger on the internet. And yes – I would tell that to your stupid face, in real life! What would you do to stop me – cry?!

            Welcome to the internet, kiddo. You must be new here… xDDD

          • BRIANNA VIOLET

            I agree that we should be more assertive however some of us find it hard because we have been conditioned since birth to consider others and not bother them un necessarily (usually moreso than men) also even since I was eight (a time when boys usually conquer their fear of the dark) mines been getting worse now its just a different kind of monster I don’t feel safe walking at night because instead of teaching people its not okay to assult people (particularly sexual assult) we teach people to “avoid it” which is stupid because it’s bot our decision

          • BRIANNA VIOLET


          • TomsPointOfView

            If you are talking about violence, then i propose this situations. A man hits a woman for being annoying. If the woman hits back then she is fighting for women, if she doesn’t hit back then the man is evil for daring to hit a woman. A woman hits a man for being annoying. If he hits back then he is evil for hitting a woman when it was HIS fault for being annoying, and if he doesnt hit back he has to take it like a man and act like he deserved it!

          • BRIANNA VIOLET

            We rarely hit people for being annoying and when we do it’s not as hard as you hit us but you make a valid point. “Gender roles are flawed”

          • TheMedi8or

            I would like a citation on this…one that isn’t colored by cherry picked data please.

          • Tanner

            We’re talking about how scores of people get offended when we make room for our balls. Not “Patriarchal Societies.” We’re talking about spreading our legs on public transport. If feminists want to be taken seriously, focus on actually important.

          • BRIANNA VIOLET

            I want more room for my Vagina. Because I bleed out it once a month and squished pads are uncomfortable. You can have room for your balls as long as theirs also room for my vagina.

          • Rhan Tegoth

            Fair enough. When you’re on a bus or a subway with enough empty seats then go ahead and sit with your legs spread apart. Guys do it for comfort. Just as many gals sit with their legs crossed due to the fact that they have wider hips.

          • lufe27

            I think you need to go back to geometry 101, and get a basic understanding of a triangle. Just because you ha e 1.5 feet of space between knees does not mean you have 1.5 feet of space at your testicles.

          • BRIANNA VIOLET

            That’s so not the the point he was making. And that’s still a lot of space to have between your knees. (That’s enough room for 2 dinner plates wtf) so yeah think.

          • BRIANNA VIOLET

            Ok your right about your balls not needing a meter between and understand that you are trying to explain our point of veiw to danny here. I feel you should consider also that the fact you had to use the word manly to get your point across is part of the problem because if we as you say beat the shit out of those who “try” to dominate us we find no one and if we beat the shit out of those take a dominant stance without realising we are beating up everyone and therefore “swinging our fists” around in a “manly fashion” and then we get called bitches or we are stripped of our womanly frailty and called manly.

            So the problem isn’t the man spreading the man spreading is a representation of the problem. The problem is (among other things) that among other things swinging our arms around isn’t considered “manly” and “womanly” and that sitting nicely is “ladylike” rather that an elegance that is available to everyone regardless of gender.

          • BRIANNA VIOLET

            Yeah why are you here if you’re gonna be a prick

          • Danny Timms

            Just to be a “p-rick” and annoy people like you. I hope it’s working! Judging by the number of your posts, you care desperately about this non-issue. I think that’s hilarious, and the joke is you.

          • BRIANNA VIOLET

            How about equalism?

        • Laurel Snyder Schiller

          I don’t know where you were raised but I was not raised to be seen and not heard or to not take up space, that’s just ridiculous!!! These feminists will say anything to keep their movement alive even though should be dead!!

          • BRIANNA VIOLET

            Why do you think that? Are you not a woman too? Do you not want equality? Feminism isn’t a movement for female dominance its a female movement for equality.

          • Josh Shelley

            that’s not equality that’s telling someone to do something you don’t like maybe you should ask them to close there legs or just spread your legs out instead

          • “Feminism isn’t a movement for female dominance its a female movement for equality.” – bullshit!
            It IS about female dominance and hating men, nothing else!

        • Rhan Tegoth

          You need to put things in perspective: “manspread” is certainly rude, but you are deliberately reading far more into it and attributing motives to it which you have no actual evidence for(the motivation for such behavior). There are much bigger problems facing women than guys taking up too much room on mass transit and in public sitting places.

        • Dante Chappell

          i dont think little girls were raised to “take up as little space as possible” when riding a fucking bus. we have something inbetween our legs. use some logic… next time, shove a banana and 2 oranges inbetween your legs and try and sit with your legs closed

          • BRIANNA VIOLET

            Try putting a puddle of blood there. And oh btw your your balls aren’t that big try cherries. (You’re penis is probably smaller two but we won’t go there for fear of damaging your pride)

          • Josh Shelley

            here’s an idea open your legs yourself

          • STFU already. Your points are flawed, you’re an annoying, spoiled brat that takes itself way too serious and you know it! You’re only embarrassing yourself even more.
            Just shush and let the men do the talking! Now off to the kitchen/bedroom with you! Ta… :)

        • annabel

          Suffering? Starving and being raped is suffering. Give me a break. I sit how ever I want to; I’ve never been told I need to cross my legs and take up as little space as I want. Get the hell over it, and worry about important issues of feminism, like a woman’s right to choose.

          • Chip Baskets

            How about a woman’s responsibility to be responsible?

            Its the 21st century, we have the pill, condoms, patch, shot, iuds, morning after. Etc etc.

            A woman who doesn’t want to get pregnant shouldn’t do thing s in a way that might get her pregnant.
            To do otherwise is plain stupidity.
            Lots of that going around.

          • BRIANNA VIOLET

            They never said that those wheren’t important, it’sjust something to keep in mind

        • Josh Shelley

          how is you deciding to cross your legs and take up little space working in the favor of men? are you retarded?

        • Elliander Eldridge

          Actually, when I was a kid every girl really did have more freedom, especially in public schools. Back in the 90’s girls were treated very obviously better than men.

          I’ve been cat called by girls (and guys) and have never cat called anyone myself. Then there was this one time two girls were standing side by side behind me, and one grabbed my butt then both ran so I wouldn’t know who molested me. I’ve never done anything like that, but if two boys did that two a girl I can guarantee you that both would have been expelled because one would have been accomplice to the other. Me? I felt a bit uncomfortable and didn’t know what to do. A guy can’t talk to someone about being molested because that’s supposed to be a good thing. Boys are taught to want to be molested. Granted, when I am in a relationship I enjoy physical contact – a gentle touch on my leg, a hug, that kind of thing. However, being randomly grabbed by a stranger? Not so much. I do like being flirted with, and I like flirting as well, but that’s different.

          I remember being laughed at because I pointed out that it wasn’t fair how men were held to high gym standards, but women only had to sit and watch. Not that I didn’t like exercise, I did, but I thought it was wrong that woman always got a free pass at all times no matter what. Even when I was in crutches for 6 months (a dog bit my left leg tendon behind knee cap) I still had more expected of me than the girls.

          I actually have a skull fracture in my right eye socket because a girl assaulted me with a metal rod. Why? Because I turned her down. I wasn’t interested in having sex so young. She got mad, and drove a metal rod into my eye and my glasses were what saved it, but the skull fracture was permanent. I said I wanted to press charges, but the school protected her. She was not disciplined in the least. Meanwhile, I saw boys expelled for way less. I literally could have died if the angle was just a little different because the force needed to crack the bone would have been enough to drive it through the eye and into my brain.

          In college it’s actually even worse, if you can believe it. All students are required by law to take the same sexual assault seminar twice a year, which is very sexist against men in the way it’s put together, but also offensive to rape victims because it can be triggering and they are not allowed to continue their education if they don’t go through with it. I live with the constant knowledge that if a women ever tried something with me I’d have no right to do anything about it. On the contrary, a woman’s accusation alone is enough to ruin a man so I generally avoid being alone with any woman on campus.

          So yeah, I know what it’s like to not be treated properly. The stuff I had to deal with just for being a man is way more serious than a random man sitting on a train with his legs partially open, but I have to deal with being attacked by feminists on a regular basis just for being a man and I have to watch women attack men for the same.

          The man who punched a woman for politely asking him to close his legs? He deserved to be arrested. The women who call men “manspreaders” for sitting comfortably? To me they are just like all the other violent feminists I had to contend with growing up. I want Equality, but Feminism needs to die already.

          Women and Men are the same. They have the same overall desires, and the same overall needs.

        • MorganCourtenay

          You do realize that men sit the way they do for biological reasons? How does that have anything to do with how one is raised? And no, I don’t accept the claim that girls don’t have enough freedom and entitlement in today’s Western society– particularly not when such feeble and absurd examples as “manspreading” are used.

          • Girls and women have more rights and more freedoms than men in any western society – fact!


      Actually a lot of people do and if you only read that to judge us then you missed thr point

      • You’re missing every point. You’re just spreading hate, lies, infantile insults and bullshit.
        Seriously: How old are you – 14?!


          Close I’m 15 but a lack of life experience does not make me less intelligent than you. I don’t mean to spread hate infact its rather the opposite; I don’t like to see hate spread and so I find it increasingly discomforting that you are so vocal about your dislike for me. Also that comment about the kitchen, are you serious? I know 8 year olds who pull that joke out of their arses. Yet you suggest that I am imature when you have the sense of humour of an eight year old. Infact I know eight year olds with more mature senses of humour as well as less obtuse and misogynistic veiws.

          Besides you’re argument is not with me. My original comment is that: This is not an issue on it’s own but rather an Indication of a larger issue. Also feminist does not equal man-hater not that it matters because I am an equalist/humanist not a femenist I beleive all people have rights and should be given opportunities.

          • Then you should celebrate the fact that I have taken the opportunity to tell you how stupid you are and how much I disagree with your moronic viewpoints.
            You’re welcome, snowflake… :)

          • Well, a lack of life experience does make you indeed less intelligent than somebody, who has lots and lots of life experience, kiddo! That’s how we become intelligent: we learn by getting experienced and from people who are more experienced than we are – fact!

            But it’s not even your young age and your lack of experience that makes you appear less intelligent, it’s your moronic comments and your simple, idiotic view of the world that does the trick, kiddo. Grow up, learn about life, learn A LOT more and them maybe, just maybe you might come back and try to have a discussion with the grwonups, mkay?!

            Now shush and off to bed with you, little girl… ;)

    • Elliander Eldridge

      It’s also full of sexist slurs against men. Putting the prefix “-man” in front of things you hate is as sexist as putting the word “fem-” in front of things you hate.

      Manspreading / femspreading / Manhogging / Femhogging – Equally sexist.
      “Leg Spreading” / “Seat Hogging” – Gender Neutral; not sexist.

      Mansplaining / femsplaining – Equally sexist.
      “Explaining” – Gender Neutral, not sexist.

      Manterrupting / Femterrupting – Equally sexist.
      “Interrupting”. – Gender Neutral, not sexist.

      There is literally no reason to use a sexist slur in a discussion unless the point is to offend people of that gender. It’s as wrong to me as if the writer filled a topic with racial slurs.

      Beyond that, no one needs an excuse to sit however they like, not men and not women either, unless and until they are physically interfering with the ability of someone else to sit comfortably. The intention, or attitude, is similarly irrelevant. It’s the interaction that becomes relevant. If a woman became offended by the way a man sits because it causes her an actual problem, that’s reasonable. If a woman became offended by the way a man was sitting because she believes his posture to be based on some idea in her head about what that posture means to him, well, she has the right to be offended but she doesn’t have the right to harass him over it let alone make him stop doing it.

      Personally, I’ve long since given up on feminism ever being anything other than a sexist organization. I hate feminism with a passion, but only because I mentally associate feminism with misandry. I feel sorry for the men who get duped into following their ideals. No one should be treated like there is something wrong with them simply for being who and what they are, and the men who follow feminism seem to be outright accepting the sexism in the same way that a housewife from decades ago accepted the sexism directed against her. It’s wrong, all wrong. I consider myself an Equalist who fights for equal rights for all people regardless of gender or ethnicity.

  • Atrum Angelus

    My advice would be to sit however you like, and not care what other people think.

    • Red Wizard Of Thay

      best advice ever

    • Utsav JOSHI

      facepalm. this is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen on the internet. This article was written about a problem that does not even exist. Also there are a lot of disgusting things in this “article”.


      Yeah but don’t be inconsiderate about it

  • …”keeping my legs closed is a pain in my ass most of the time.” You should probably get that checked out by a Doctor.

    • Red Wizard Of Thay

      some dudes have varicose veins in there nads.

  • People like you who say such rubbish are why so many people become antifeminists. I considered myself an antifeminist for a while… and it was because of people like you. I realized since then that feminism isn’t just a bunch of crazy misandrists who want a matriarchy. People like you need to be chastised by *everyone*, because people like you are a sick joke.

    • Red Wizard Of Thay

      because collectivism has clearly worked out for people. Nothing like tens of millions of deaths price tag for not thinking like and individual.

      • Peter Smythe

        To be fair, radical individualism ain’t no saint in this regard either. American gilded age steel workers had a life expectancy of a bit over a decade. Most harm done by collectivism is done by radical collectivism, the sort of juvenile “losing 20% of our population is 80% okay” sort of collectivism.

    • Exactly, thanks.

  • Rain in the Dark

    I am a woman and… seriously? This is what people choose to get concerned with today?

    The only time I remember giving thought to the wide-legged posture of a guy was when I was sitting right next to him with a wall on my other side, and his legs were spread so wide that I had to turn my own into the wall to avoid our hips – and knees – touching. I was annoyed, true, but it was one time! Maybe I’m just unobservant? Not to mention that if I am really tired/sore enough to crave a seat desperately, I don’t have an issue asking anyone who happens to occupy too much space to move. ‘May I take a seat, please?’ is not such a difficult phrase to pronounce.

    Oh, and I do occasionally sit with my legs spread – not exactly wide, but not completely closed, either. More like, knees outwards and ankles crossed – sometimes even sliding down the seat a little. Don’t really care what it looks like or what people would think – and no one ever made any remarks about that, either. If it’s crowded I might move and try to cram myself into a corner, but I’m more likely to give my seat to someone who looks like they need it more than me. I am not going to fall apart from having to stand during the trip, not to mention that travelling in a communal transport means that there’s a risk that you’d have to stand the entire trip anyway. To sum it up, if there’s a guy/gal occupying too much space, if I truly want a seat, I politely ask them to move; if I don’t, it’s a non-issue, really.

    In other words – first world, first world problems!

    • Red Wizard Of Thay

      Femnazis seem to forget the tens of millions of deaths yearly from capitalism. Or that there privileged over protected ideals are posted on social media with smart phones that use mica. Which is derived from slave labor. You know little girl slavery. They also seem to forget that collectivism kills more people than a black plague. When you’re a collectivist you’re not capable of compassion or independent thought. Everything is ideal based. A degree of separation between you as an individual and group think. Groups always cause violence. They always will be the main cause of violence. Feminism. Is just another form of collectivism for the weak minded people not capable of self control or independent thought.

    • First world problems indeed.

  • le master trole

    Irrelevant discussion since feminists don’t fit into seats anyway.

    • guts knuckleson


    • guts knuckleson

      it was a compliment, brosef. no need to hurt my feefees.

    • Tanner

      You fucking legend

  • Peter Smythe

    Oh my god. I don’t even sit like that, but maybe I’ll start doing so whenever there’s enough room. This is an insane witch hunt in the name of gender equality. Do you even know who your enemy is? I’m 100% sure it’s not some dude sitting on a mostly-empty bus taking up 1.5 seats. In a world where a millions of women are victims of rape every year, men outnumber women in STEM fields and politics 4:1, de jure patriarchy exists in countries with a combined population over a billion, and trans people experience significantly increased murder rates when socioeconomic factors are controlled for, truly the real source of oppression is men not shutting their dann legs far enough so as to avoid offending you personally.

    • guts knuckleson

      gender equality is the cover, not the real reason for all this SJW/feminist nitpicking and insanity. It’s no coincidence that their target is white males. White males are the most productive, creative and wealthy group in society. When women and minorities can successfully guilt us into thinking we have hurt them somehow, they get financial benefits raining down on them from self-hating whites and politicians wanting to appease them. All this transgender nonsense and race/gender outrage is all about SJW’s taking money from white males and giving it to non-whites and females, and keeping a cut for themselves in the process. Long ago it was communists that ran this con, now it’s repackaged as social justice but it’s the same thing. The have-nots don’t want to work for theirs, they want to take it directly from the haves by playing the victim and making us pay for them to shut the fuck up. But they won’t. Like all spoiled brats and extortionists, give them a finger and they’ll demand the entire arm. It’s time to put a stop to the professional victim industry.

  • Callico

    This article is just a troll, right? Please tell me it’s so. Hell, please tell me that this whole “manspreading problem” is just a collective troll. I refuse to believe that rational, thinking human beings can possibly take such a non-issue to heart. How someone can draw so much non-existent malice and oppressive intent from such a simple and very natural act is just… Breathtaking. Utterly breathtaking. It speaks more of the bitter and hateful mindset of the article’s writer than it does of anything else. Not every natural trait of being a man is evil or designed to oppress you. If you think it is, you have issues of your own.

    • mono

      Maybe we are just moving from the most grave issues to other inconvenient things that are happening around us on a daily basis. I’m not saying it’s “designed” to oppress you, I don’t believe any of this happened intentionaly, men are just as immersed in this BS as women. It’s just a part of culture. I don’t think hating on men is the solution, they are not at fault. But still – this behaviour HAPPENS. You can’t deny it. And it might be (or not) caused by the things described in this article. It’s just an opinion.
      But the behaviour exists and I would gladly join a campaign to make people more aware of the space they take up. So that I don’t have to think “how to tell this stranger next to me that I don’t appreciate his thigh rubbing against mine in a bus without causing a scene” at least a few times a month. Maybe you can give me some advice. “Sorry, could you please keep your legs to yourself?”

      • Rain in the Dark

        Just on the top of my head… “Excuse me, could you please move away a little? There is enough space for both of us to sit comfortably and I am a little crammed here.” “Excuse me, I’m sure you didn’t notice, but you keep brushing against me and have nowhere to move. Could you please give me a little space?” Then there’s a tactic I used a few times when I held onto a vertical bar and people taller than me (I’m 4,9) put a hand right above mine, often pressing down on my hand with their weight. I press back. They look at me in confusion. I stare back. Most of the time it’s enough for them to take their hand off the bar and grip an inch higher so that our hands don’t touch. If they are still confused, I press hard enough to dislodge both our hands, resume my hold on the bar and turn away. I’m not sure how well that would work with a leg-spread guy since I never tried it on them, but weirdly enough it works wonders with people using my hand as an additional prop.

        • Jrenyar

          Pretty sure it would work fine, if anyone said “could you mind moving your legs, I’m a little cramped” to me, I would move my legs. This is man-spreading is really not that big of an issue, it seems as though anyone who has complaints never actually say anything to the man.They just let keep it to themselves and let it stew, until they are so pissed that right a blog post about it.

          Also just to add a little to it, “man-spreading” really is just guys making themselves comfortable, having your legs closed tight can actually hurt a little. It’s not just something we do to oppress women proving that we are the stronger sex. Anyone who actually thinks that, might have a few screws loose. lol

          • Rain in the Dark

            True. I only had an issue with a ‘manspread’ guy once in my life and it was when I was a lot younger. I don’t think I’d hesitate to adress it now since I became a lot more outspoken since then, but weirdly enough it either doesn’t happen to me or I don’t pay attention. I think the issue is the same as people who put their hands on top of mine – they aren’t trying to be rude, they aren’t oppressing anyone, they are just putting their hand on a bar without looking, probably thinking about something else, and don’t expect the bar to push back XD

            Being short sucks. Perhaps I should start a movement called ‘tall privilege’ and base it on not being able to reach the cheese on the upper shelf in the store and whine how oppressed the short people are in multiple blogposts. (PLEASE DON’T TAKE MY WORD ON THAT. If something like this happens I think I’d actually die. I don’t know if it would be from the laughter or from the cringe.)

        • Chip Baskets

          Short people got no reason to live

          • You seem to be a shortophobe. Check your privilege!

      • Jimmy James

        you don’t seem to understend why it happens. it’s not a form of oppression. the reason manspreading happens is much simpler: balls. Yes, there IS a difference between men and women. Balls are not a social contruct, they are made by nature. Men do not chose to have balls. And when you demand that men close their legs you are demanding that that squeeze their own balls painfully. I’ve always said that you man-haiting feminists just want to put our nuts in a vise. Now I have proof.

      • “But still – this behaviour HAPPENS. You can’t deny it.” — No, it doesn’t! Yes, you can deny it!

    • Johnny Rad

      “I refuse to believe that rational, thinking human beings can possibly take such a non-issue to heart.”

      Rational people don’t; feminists do. Believe it. Wake up. Left wing politics has become an authoritarian cancer that would rather create ‘safe spaces’ and ban free speech than engage in productive discussion. The threat of fascism is real and it’s coming from liberal politics. I’m all for gender equality and am happy that it exists in non-Islamic societies, but feminism is no longer redeemable to rational, thinking human beings.

  • guts knuckleson

    Whoever wrote this is a dumb, man-hating bitch. I rarely see anyone ask a woman to move her bags. No one has to ask men to close their legs because most men are instinctively polite enough to do that so people can sit. Women on the other hand will take ten minutes fussing and chit chatting at the front of a long line with no thought wwhatsoever for all the people’s time they are wasting. Men don’t fuck around like that, they whip out the cash, pay and get the fuck out of the line. And they almost never leave their bag on an empty seat on a crowded bus or train like women do. I also see a lot of women in wheelchairs and mobility scooters who are not disabled. The proof is they can get out of their machine and push it into place. Women have a privileged, entitled attitude. Men instinctively still sacrifice for women even though they no longer deserve it. I for one would never pick up a gun and go fight Hitler for today’s women. Fuck that. Women today are not worth it. Anyway it’s their turn to go bleed to death in ditches for us for a change,while we stay home and get our shopping done.

    • mono

      Whoa such much hate in response to a seemingly dumb text. Anger issues much?
      Come on. Just because you could be aware enough to make space for other people around you doesn’t mean others aren’t exposed to this kind of behaviour. I still feel my skin crawling after today’s bus travel, the man next to me never took a hint and kept unconsciously rubbing his leg against mine. When I tried to move, he just kept spreading his legs more and more, taking up the space I left to avoid the unwanted touch. And it’s not the first time! Funnily enough, I honestly don’t think I’ve ever had the same problem with women.
      I’m not saying it was done out of malicious intent. But it happens. I don’t care about bags but I take issue when someone invades my space.

      • guts knuckleson

        Oh you poor dear! Were you traumatized? Do you have PTSD now from a man’s leg touching yours? Did you go to your nearest safe space and cry into a big soft teddy bear with some tea and sympathy from another ridiculous professional victim? Am I triggering you right now by even mentioning it? Life is so hard for today’s western women. Middle eastern muslim women, completely covered head to toe trying to see through a face screen, who will get stoned to death for removing it in public, who can’t even enjoy sex because they had their clit surgically removed as a baby, those women have nothing on you poor western ladies oppressed by manspreading and inadvertent leg touching. You know why you didn’t just tell that guy to keep his fucking leg to himself? Because then you couldn’t crybaby on the internet about how you were sexually assaulted by an unwanted leg brushing, LOL.

        You fucking brats need to grow up.

        • mono

          I don’t know, do you feel threatened or what by people complaining on the internet? Or maybe you just like to vent. I just wonder what kind of issues cause you to react with such hate and vitrol to a post. On the internet! It’s not like I was even talking personally to you. But yet you feel the need to insult me and use swearwords and throw these “arguments” about muslim culture as if it had anything to do with this. It’s sick that you talk about these people’s suffering with such ease.
          Whatever. I’m going to continue to be civil. I am deeply grateful that in my country we moved on and things started to change but it doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be great if people were made aware that invading someone’s space in public transport tends to make others uncomfortable.
          That’s all. Why on earth you feel the need to rant.

          • Jimmy James

            I don’t think he feels threatened, more like annoyed. Sick of the left acting like children, making muntains out of molehills when there are plenty of real problems in the world they could be spending their time on. Feminists claim to be about equality, but their entire focus seems to be about nagging, nitpicking and shaming men as a whole, particularly straight white men. We have problems too. We commit suicide at 5 times the rate women do, and that number jumps much higher than that following a break up or divorce. Men still do all the hardest, most physically dangerous jobs. Feminists never complain about the lack of female garbage men or tree cutters or high rise window washers, or the fact that women can’t be drafted or the fact that men still pay the majority of taxes while women collect the majority of entitlements and tax funded benefits. Men have always subsidized women and in spite of women doing far better in education now, still want more help for women in college. They are happy to let men continue sacrificing for them and nothing is ever enough. Women just take, take, take from men and are willing to give less and less back, and we men are sick and tired of it. We are dropping out of marriage and family life in droves. We are choosing poverty over full-time work. This a la carte attitude toward equality has left men bitter and uninterested in marriage because it’s all risk, all responsibility, little benefit for us now. Many men are seeking wives abroad where women still want to be women instead of entitled brats who have it all at mens’ expense.

            And as far as things starting to change, you’re right. Donald Trump beat the shit out of Hillary and her army of feminists, cucks and SJW”s, even in spite of her massive election fraud. That’s the backlash your kind have caused with endless whining and demands for more more more from those of us who work and pay taxes. You pushed us until you broke us and things are about to get better. You are going to be forced to deal with your own problems rather than blame white men, demand we pay for more free stuff for you and make problems where there aren’t any like with this manspreading nonsense.

          • mono

            Why you blame everything on women? BTW if I am 25 years old, in no way I am responsible for today’s men’s problems with being responsible or hardworking. How on Earth young women of today could have influenced men?

            Also you work under a lot of false assumptions. I work, more than a 2/3 of women in my country work. Rearing children IS WORK. I understand men have problems. Women have problems. Children have problems. Environment has problems. Talk about those in appropriate places, but this article is about women’s problems.
            I don’t think that a general request to all males to be more aware of their bodies is ‘whining or nagging’. Just something that we can talk about and maybe with use of media just change a bit. Why don’t try? Not every woman is forward or brave enough to say something to a man who takes up more place than he should. If you read some of the comments below, this is just a general idea of being aware of your body and how much place you take on public transport. I have the same issue with girls who take too much space with their bags…

            I wonder what is taken and taken and taken from you, personally, as a man. I haven’t ever had a feeling I’m taking things from people, apart from things that are given to everyone here (like education, health care etc.) mostly just worked for my education and profession but I am curious.

          • Jimmy James

            I didn’t “blame everything on women.” That’s a stupid statement. And young women today are more bratty, entitled and generally unhappy than any other women in history. Whether women work or not, men work harder. Men pay most of the taxes that pay for the roads you drive on, the cops that keep you safe, the schools you went to and may still attend, the health care you use (and women need a lot more health care than men, ) the laws/agencies/regulations that keep your air and water relatively clean, your food safe, and the military that keeps hostile invaders from marching in and doing God-knows-what to you. Instead of acknowledging that women are getting subsidized by men and expressing gratitude, feminists incessantly berate, belittle and blame men for everything that isn’t perfect in our society. You complain about the “wage gap,” a myth based on nothing factual. Men work more hours than women and put a lot more time and effort into their careers, and choose careers more based on pay than on job satisfaction like women. Men are not paid more they EARN more because they work more, choose better paying jobs and take far less time off.

            The fact is you wouldn’t even have the freedom to write these man-shaming articles if hundreds of millions of young men hadn’t bled to death in wars to keep hostile forces from invading and doing all kinds of horrible things to you. Men deserve a thank you from the entire female gender. Instead we get whiny, hypocritical bitching about non-issues like manspreading, mansplaining, male gaze, toxic masculinity, catcalling, compliments, on and on ad infinitum. The list of stupid first world complaints they have is endless and gets more ridiculous every year. You know what normal people do when a man OR a woman is taking up too many seats? They say “excuse me, can I please sit there?” Then 999 out of a thousand times the other person will move their leg, their shopping bags, whatever. Men and women alike lack consideration until you remind them, but most people have the desire to be considerate to others when they are politely reminded. They don’t need to be shamed in articles like this. Honestly if you can’t find anything better to complain about you are doing very well. The vast majority of women in history were oppressed by their own biology (not “patriarchy,) forced by nature to have a baby a year from menarche to menopause, and toiling from sunup to sundown, elbows deep in washbins scrubbing dirty diapers, cooking food, cleaning the house, discplining children, gardening, canning, tending animals, sewing, etc. Instead of abandoning them with that burden, men worked their asses off to support them in the fields, in the mines, in the factories, in the military, on the ships, logging, on the railroad lines, the road crews, and inventing everything you can think of, including hormonal birth control that finally freed you ladies from the burden of endless babies coming out of your body. Almost every bit of technology you take for granted, that has elevated women from a short life of agonizing toil to the power and freedom you have today, was invented by a STRAIGHT WHITE MALE (gasp!)

            As far as what’s been taken from me, oh, where to begin? Before feminism, people did not get married lightly because divorce was something that could not be obtained easily. You had to have damn good reasons, and the person with the job got custody of the kids. It was feminists who decided women should be able to dump their husbands on a whim but continue getting his financial support AND custody of the kids. So in a divorce, women get the keep the house, the kids, the lion’s share of the assets, and the man still has to support her and what does he get in return? The shaft. Every other fucking weekend with his kids. This change in marriage laws, lobbied hard for by feminists, has destroyed the family. Now women have a financial incentive to get divorced, and indeed women are the ones who file for divorce more than 80% of the time, usually for no stated reason at all because that’s her right under feminist-crafted marriage laws. But when they do give reasons, it’s often shit like not being in love anymore or falling in love with someone else or just generally feeling unhappy. In otherwords, BULLSHIT excuses to ruin their husbands’ lives for selfish reasons. I am not going to give details, but these feminist stacked-deck marriage laws have affected me personally in a big way, left me a ruined human being like so many other divorced men. It’s no wonder younger men have gotten smart and refuse to even consider marriage.

            What else? I used to pay a fair price for health care. But feminists whined and cried about how health care was more expensive for women, as if insurance companies arbitrarily discriminate by gender and it’s not because women use far more health care services than men do. So here comes President Cuck Obummer with his plan to fix this, and like all feminist solutions his involved taking money out of mens’ pockets and giving it to women. He lowered your cost by raising ours, and that’s not equity, that’s theft. Women get a much easier ride in life because the government puts their burden’s on the backs of men. Before socialism, men were happy to sacrifice for women because we got something out of it in return, devoted wives who had a hot meal and a clean house waiting for us after a grueling day of work. Now because of feminism, we are still sacrificing for women, but getting nothing in return except slander and abuse from whiny, bratty feminists who have decided our masculinity is “problematic” and look for every possible hair to split, nit to pick, and new ways to take our money through feminist social engineering. I am very happy that men are finally getting pissed off enough to fight back. We won’t be taking your shit anymore, sorry.

            What else? New studies have found that in spite of all these new privileges feminists have won for women, women are increasingly miserable. Yet another study found that the happiest women in society are the ones who have ignored feminist pressure and chosen their traditional role of full time wife and mother. Like it or not, that’s the role nature designed you for, and the more women fight it the more angry, bitter, and batshit hysterical they become.
            Also, real wages have dropped by nearly half since women started pursuing careers instead of motherhood. The reason is simple, the labor supply has gone up by nearly double while the demand for products has barely increased at all. A family still needs only one house, one refrigerator, one water heater, etc but now there are twice as many people competing for the jobs designing, producing, distributing and selling them. As a result real wages have gone way down and now couples are putting in almost twice the amount of work hours for the same amount of money, again thanks to feminism. Before this you ladies had everything paid for, all you had to do was shop, cook and fuck your husband! Now both the husband and wife have to work to make ends meet and TV and video games are raising the kids. Good job feminism!

            These changes are a radical deviation from the natural gender balance that held civilization together like glue and kept it moving forward for 12,000 years, improving quality of life for everyone. Now in two generations it’s been utterly ruined thanks to feminism. You can’t call it progress when people have stopped getting married and having kids. Like those zoo animals that won’t breed in captivity, feminist socialism has created an environment too artificial for the survival of the civilization, as birth rates have hit rock bottom and governments have to quietly import third-worlders to patch the holes in their tax base. Meanwhile people are living longer and longer past their productive years, putting more and more demand on tax-funded entitlement programs, with nowhere near enough up and coming young people to pay into them and keep them afloat. This trend WILL result in a Malthusian Catastrophe. Once the median age a reaches parity with retirement age, civilization will fall apart, descend into chaos, civil wars will erupt everywhere and massive numbers of people will starve, be murdered, die of disease or commit suicide.
            Yeah, manspreading is so fucking important. The titanic is sinking and feminists rearranging deck chairs, or rather, bitching about the way men arranged the chairs for them in the first place.

            Two things are infinite: The universe and feminist stupidity.

          • mono

            You’re doing the same thing some feminist do: complain. Using the same device as they do: internet.
            I don’t even want to respond to everything you wrote but you have a serious problem if you see world in terms of men-women opposition.
            As for women who complain. Do you know why they do it? Because 1. It is important 2. It works.
            Some men and women hated feminists before and probably always will. You say to the today’s feminists today things that were said to feminists in the past, when they fought for the right to vote, to learn, to work, to decide about anticonception. You say “there are more important issues! Be happy it is not worse!”
            If they listened to voices like this I would never have gotten chance to attend university or to choose any career I want. That’s the bottom line.

          • Jimmy James

            Pretty laughable that you’d compare bratty bitching about manspreading to women’s sufferage and workplace equality. You third wavers are not even close to your predecessors, you are brats splitting hairs and grasping at straws because yoou know that professional victimhood gets you free shit and special privileges. It’s no longer about equality with third wavers, it’s about man bashing and re-eatable cake. You never complain about men paying most of the taxes while you collect most of the benefits do you? You never complain about not having to register for the draft. You never complain about a lack of female garbage collectors or commercial fishermen or bricklayers. You are happy to let men do all the dangerous shit that keeps society running, and pay most of the taxes that keeps your female subsidies flowing free money into your pockets, and for our trouble you look for the most ridiculous reasons to shit on us! You know why men don’t bitch bitch bitch about female selfishness issues? Like taking forever at the front of a line chit-chatting and fucking around? Or she-bagging, taking up extra seats with your purses and totes? Or taking forever in unisex bathrooms and dressing roooms? Because our species has always favored and protected females, even when you were supposedly so oppressed by “patriarchy.” Women are not the oppressed sex they are the privileged sex. You did not die by the hundreds of millions keeping us safe at home. Until 50 years ago give or take women were burdened with involuntary motherhood and for that we stepped up and worked and protected and provided for you ladies because we are designed by nature to sacrifice ourselves for women. And that is why you get so much traction with your selfish, bratty bitching about nothing. Soociety cares about you more than men, because you have the highly valuable womb/ovum and we have the cheap and disposable sperm. But I tell you, watch out, because men are sick of your whining about nothing and so are most women. Feminism hit a major credibility crisis in 2016 and Trump was elected by men and women alike because we are all puke sick of feminists. Time for you all to fuck off a while and lick your wounds. Third wave feminism is over.

          • Jimmy James

            Oh I see, now I’m blocked because you have to get the last word in. Cute. Hundreds of millions of men died for your right to free speech, and you reward them with censorship. It doesn’t matter I suppose, third-wave feminism got greedy, gambled big and lost it all. You shot yourselves in the foot with non-issues like manspreading, and you’re finally getting the hate you deserve. But hey, at least you got the last word in. Just like your hero Hillary, if you can’t win in a fair fight, you cheat. Thanks for helping Trump get elected in spite of her cheating. Anti-feminsm won by a landslide, thanks to stupid articles like this one!

          • mono

            Sorry… who is blocked?
            And who exactly died in a fight for right to free speech? I mean, what kind of war are you referring to? (Are you sure it were exclusively men?)

            The problem with the internet is that people take these things so seriously. I wrote this first comment because I came back home after sitting in a bus next to a guy who kept rubbing his leg against mine. I ranted. I got over it. Next time I’ll know what to say to such a person. I don’t hate men, I don’t think it is specifically men’s problem. But you know what is worrying? That some people are just going to spread the hate against women who TALK about annoying issues like they don’t have right to do that.

          • BRIANNA VIOLET

            This isn’t about your stupid American politics im aussie and I don’t give a rats as about either of em tgeir both sgits and have bo place in this argument some third wave feminists are misplaced but maby are just trying to make the world be for the human tace but it should be called equalitism and we should meet each other galf way to fix everyone s problems

          • BRIANNA VIOLET


          • Paul Adrian

            Wow, so he was complaining, in response to idiotic article that was a complaint, using the internet, well then he is just the same….

            what a pathetic argument, you still did not substantiate your statement that he is blaming everything on women.

            You are fucking witless.

          • TheMedi8or

            I’m sorry, did you just compare gaining the right to vote and to an education with manspreading? Wow…

            That is entitlement to impressive levels…

          • “You’re doing the same thing some feminist do: complain” — telling facts is not complaining, snowflake… ;)

          • Chip Baskets

            ‘Standing ovation’
            Good shit, sir.

          • BRIANNA VIOLET

            Now your blaming everything on feminism

            You made some good points but the environment was already suffering from the inventionsmade by the human race before feminism was conceived also my mum is the hardest worker i know and she is in the airforce the reason the gap exists isn’t because people in the samre jobs are being paid less its because they aren’t pursuing higher jobs because people tell them they won’t succeed but my mum gets paid the same because her dad raised both her and her brother to beleive they could do anything they tried to and thats the equality we need thats the kind i fight for with my bread of third generation feminism

          • BRIANNA VIOLET

            You mean human stupidity

          • Paul Adrian

            How is he blaming everything on women? Moron.

          • BRIANNA VIOLET

            He acted like a child when he mimicked her like a ten year old and why are women even considered “the left” why is there a left.

          • BRIANNA VIOLET

            THANK GOD, WILL YOU KIND SIR. HELP US GAIN THE RIGHT TO PAY OR OWN TAXES SO YOU NO LONGER NEED SUBSIDISE US? please do also would you like to join us in our work towards a mire fair world for all people? Inted of just complaining because that’s pointless

          • BRIANNA VIOLET


        • Dustin Whitehair

          ^^ best reply ever

          • BRIANNA VIOLET

            No its not it was abnoxiose, catty and immature.


          Hey feminism is about the girls who had their clits cut off too the fact that any culture thinks its alright is bad.

          And your the brat look at you, you tease like a forth grade bully, its really immature and kind of pointless she’s telling you about her discomfort not saying it was sexual harassment. Just calm down.

          • TheMedi8or

            I’m curious, what is your opinion on male circumcision?

          • She obviously doesn’t have one…

      • zx74125800

        Enough pls.

      • That’s called sexual harassment. It is not caused by men sitting in a way that is comfortable for them. Of course there are selfish men on public transport who can’t take a hint. But that does not invalidate the fact that men sit with their legs spread for biological reasons?

      • Jesus

        Ever heard of a thing called asking for space? It’s 2017 now (2016 when your comment was made), not the 1800s, you’re not going to be treated like a queen nor a man treated like a king. People need to learn to ask FFS, if a man is on the bus taking up to much space with his legs, ask for him to make space. Not a single decent guy is going to say no.


        Thank you

      • Paul Adrian

        You are a fucking idiot.

      • Paul Adrian

        You are a fucking idiot.

      • Paul Adrian

        You are a fucking idiot.

    • Jutta Gyllichsen

      Fighting Hitler started this. He said women don’t belong in government.

      • you mad bro?

        Woman belong in the kitchen, that’s it.

        • ohgodkillmenow

          Why? Men are better chefs…

          • BRIANNA VIOLET

            There are good chefs of both genders


          Ok no the kitchen is a shared space made for the love of food and you should help us put toping on the pizzas so they are yummier


          Why are people like you on this website?


      Okay one wtf we move our bags so people can sit down, the person who wrote this article put hard work into it and is not a man hating bitch, you on the other hand are very mean and seem to want women to bleed to death forgetting that we fucking give birth to the likes of you and oh by the way we would go fight in wars if it wasn’t as difficult for us to join the army due to the standards required and the side eyes and “you don’t belong here’s” we get when we try so you know what. Maybe we just won’t have the children of today’s men because to paraphrase you “today’s ~human race~ (not women) isn’t worth it”

      • TheMedi8or

        Actually standards are LOWERED for women in the military and they get promoted faster than men and at higher rates. So you should go for it!

      • MorganCourtenay

        The standards are high for the military for very obvious reasons. The military have since lowered standards to admit women without a scrap of evidence that this will help during a real life war situation. In fact, the evidence often points the other way.


          My mother is a wing commander in the airforce as is my father, they have progressed at the same rate and are equalling as adept.

          • MorganCourtenay

            Good for your mother. I was actually referring more to combat roles on the ground than air or sea. There, the military have lowered standards to admit women to the detriment of the combat forces, morale and men who usually have to face more strenuous challenges.


          However dhe is one of few because many think that she doesn’t belong there, they are wrong

          • BRIANNA VIOLET


  • Jaroslav Kotlaba

    Speaking of myself. I sit with my legs spread, because i have long legs an there isn’t enough room between my seat and seat in front of me.

    • Sorry! According to the wisdom of this article, you are harming women by trying to assert your dominance over them. Note the sarcasm.

  • Michael

    This is why Trump won.

  • TheMedi8or

    1. Men don’t complain when they have to stand up for women on the subway. They do it because it is expected and women take the seat because they are entitled.
    2. Women would like to spread out for comfort. Men need to spread out for their health. Sitting with legs closed for long periods has been scientifically proven to kill sperm and, in some cases, to cause men to become sterile.
    3. Your insecurities that cause you to “take up as little space as possible” Is your issue. I suspect your irrational fear of men might have something to do with it, but that’s just a guess. There’s no need to crap on men because they are more secure than you are.

    • Neonivek

      That is kind of the WEIRDEST thing about Third Wave Feminism. It seems heavily concerned with insecurities and often on projecting their insecurities on men. Imagine if every time you feel nervous, shy, or self-conscious that you started to blame women.
      -“I got a Zit, I’d be happy with a Zit but women put this unfair standard of beauty on me”
      -“I am a nervous public speaker because women sit in a way that judges and intimidates me”
      -“I am scared of walking alone at night, it is because women are out to get me at all times”

      • TheMedi8or

        Exactly. I am a woman, and all this whining on the part of insecure women makes me look bad. I work in a primarily male-environment. Do I occasionally get treated differently? Of course. But usually it’s that I get treated more respectfully. I used to work in a hospital environment, which is mainly female dominated. The few male nurses or CNAs also got treated differently, and let me tell you, it WASN’T respect.

        • Elliander Eldridge

          On the flip side, when I was in a car accident a few months ago the female nurses treated me like I was being a baby for not being able to move my leg after they confirmed nothing was broken. My muscles and ligaments were torn and I was physically unable to move on my own power. They also refused to dress my wounds for several hours as I was bleeding constantly. When they discharged me, they just left me outside in the cold while I was in shock. If I wasn’t able to get the help of two friends (both women) I wouldn’t have made it home alive. Even they, at the time, were offended by the treatment I was given.

          That is relevant because their attitude towards me, in a female dominated ER, was that if I am a man I should “man up” and deal with the pain.

          What made things worse, ironically, was that the other driver – a woman – wasn’t injured at all. However, that was because when the other driver (who was at fault) turned in front me me while I had a green light I intentionally swerved in a manner to minimize harm to the other driver knowing full well that it would increase injuries to myself. So, since her car impacted the driver side and my car impacted the rear passenger side, she was just shaken up while the front of my car was crushed in to me. So because a female driver was fine, and a man driver appeared to have nothing broken, but was complaining about pain, they assumed I must be exaggerating.

          I continued to bleed several days afterward and it got so bad that the surrounding tissue starting to look necrotic and had to go to a second ER due to the poor treatment I got at the first one, where I was treated better overall. That one seemed to have an overall gender balance I noticed.

          Of course, I pushed through and made a full recovery – but not on my own. Anyway, sexism in the ER takes many forms.

    • Elliander Eldridge

      Don’t forget that feminists don’t coin a sexist term for the stuff men do that benefit them. They only add the -men prefix to things they hate.

  • Dustin Whitehair

    the fact that someone took the fucking time to write an article on this bullshit is cringy as hell. I cannot believe what society has bcome. Everyone is offended by everyfucking thing and all of these sjw pieces of shit just HAVE TO find SOMETHING…ANYTHING to be “oppressed” by. Go kill yourselves

  • Jimmy James

    Men sit with their legs open because they have balls. If women had balls they would sit like that too. Men and women both sit the way nature designed them to sit, the most comfortable way. This demanding that men sit like women reminds me of when I was a kid and my mom suddenly went crazy and demanded that my dad and brothers and I all pee sitting down, because she was afraid the baby might put his hand on a mishap piss dribble (oh the horror!) But what it was really about was emasculation, and that’s what this manspreading nonsense is about too. Feminists claim to be about equality, but they spend an inordinate amount of time chastising men for natural male behavior, redefining sexual harassment to include everything from compliments to talking to/disagreeing with/offending a woman to even just looking at a woman, but only when she doesn’t find you to be of potential dating value. This is evidence of an overprivileged, highly entitled and infantile gender, and I’m not talking about the gender with the balls.

  • Jim Mason

    Women, ever get the feeling where your toes are to close together? Yeah…imagine that between your legs.

  • extremely.trousers

    I can’t take posts like this seriously either. sjw posts are constantly taking up room on the internet that could be better used for pictures of cats. we all like pictures of cats.

    I used to live in Sydney; if a woman put her handbag on an empty seat in peak she was an asshole. If a man took up two seats he was also an asshole. The vast majority of men and women were not assholes and made room for others so we could all get to our jobs. sometimes you had crutch in your face. occasionally someone was stinky. there was always the risk of farts but in general people were nice and we all suffered in slightly uncomfortable socially awkward silence.

    social justice warriors are often the bullies nowadays. well trying to be, it’s negative and whiny and unnecessary. I usually just switch off when read or hear it.
    I felt compelled to post this time because it’s just so ridiculous. go look at pictures of cats and be happy. write something nice for a change.

  • Kevin Markham

    At one point, are you trying to say that a vagina takes up as much space as a man’s genitals? Because I don’t think they do. Pants are specifically designed differently to accommodate the extra space. I shouldn’t have said that. Now there will be a public outcry over men’s jeans using more material than men deserve

  • Kevin Markham

    With a feminist like this, anything a man says or does is wrong

    • I know! Her MALE feminist friend told her that he is perfectly happy to make room when required; he just wants to sit in a way that is comfortable for him. But no, he is an agent of patriarchal forces, regardless of his reasoned response and politeness to others.

  • coder.slynk

    Dear bored women,

    Social experiment for those with decent sized breasts. Cross your arms over your boobs and squeeze. Hold it there for 30 minutes. Tell me that that’s not uncomfortable. You now know what it’s like to compress a body part for long stretches of time. So stop saying you can never understand.

    This whole article hinges on the idea that men are lying in mass about crossing their legs as being uncomfortable. You’re making an issue where one doesn’t exist. You’re also blaming men for societal norms that make women more approachable. Why don’t you focus on *that* iniquity? Then women will have the courage to ask men to move just like men ask women to move their purse. Me spreading my legs has nothing to do with whether you are afraid to approach me.

    A real feminist

  • Joshua Hudgins

    Dear feminist
    Women raise children to be who they are. if you are fed up with the way men and women behave simply raise them otherwise.Societal solution using things you already control.

  • Rick Allen

    save yourself! look away! …. maybe in the direction of the slut with ‘JUICY’ written in pink across the ass of the stretch pants she was poured into.

  • KennyD

    I am sorry .. I will sit however is most comfortable to ME … Don’t like it ? Then don’t be looking between my legs …. Simple as that !!

  • Don_cos

    Men used to get up (without being asked) to let a woman have a seat. Women like you also bitched about that. So make up your mind! Do you want us to be courteous or not? Or are you simply looking for a lame excuse to play victim?

    • Don, I can assure you that this myopic author does not represent all women as she claims, but you’re spot on about the hypocrisy. Door-opening or ladies first was apparently condescending. Sitting like a man is oppressive, regardless of whether that man is willing to accommodate others when necessary. It is this kind of navel-gazing nonsense that has me distancing myself from mainstream feminists.

    • Elliander Eldridge

      The last time I held the door for a woman I was yelled at. I held the door for men and women equally, but she thought there was something sinister about holding the door for her. It was… unsettling. Of course, that doesn’t stop me from being polite. On campus there was a man trying to bring some boxes through the double doors and he motioned to use the wheelchair button and I told him it was dangerous because it closes suddenly and proceeded to hold both doors for him. I had the time, and it was no trouble at all, but if it was a woman would she have been offended? Why should I have to treat women differently from men? Isn’t that the opposite of what equality is about?

  • Rupert Bauer

    “It’s my body, I’ll do what I want”. That’s what I’m told by many women. – News flash. Many people, man or woman, just don’t think about it. (There is no agenda to how they sit in any way shape or form) They sit, the land where they feel comfortable, and adjust if life gives them a reason to.

  • Nietzsche the Deplorable

    Can’t believe you wasted time on this nonsense. Must be nice to be independently wealthy and complain about something so inconsequential as this.

  • jyearsley

    doesn’t anyone recognize sarcasm and satire anymore?

    • NorthC

      This clearly isn’t it.

  • The_Donald_2016
    • ROFLMFAO! I’d love to see how this myopic author responds to that!

      • Arundeep Chohan

        Let me try… As we can see the man is on the right side therefore this implys the man is always right. He is also smiling because he is somehow oppresing the woman.

  • Hands

    I have considered myself a feminist for over a decade, but this kind of bullshit is making me wonder why.

    Members of the male sex have their sex organs between their legs, push those legs too far together and it is painful. Also, hip geometry is different. And males are larger on average.

    Women get punished for being raped in Saudi Arabia, UAE, etc. Maybe let’s focus on real issues.

    • Amen, sister. Not to mention how harmful it is for male genitalia to be squished together.

    • Bryan B.

      Seriously, thanks for understanding. The author was ridiculous in equating the discomfort of menstruation with having sensitive testicles being squashed. It’s not a conscious oppressive decision to sit comfortably. It’s the body moving to the path or resting least resistance. It’s as natural as slouching. Most men I encounter, including myself, make it a point to be fully aware of the crowd and I always stand up well before I’m asked. Most men do the same. Women do the same for kids and elderly. It’s called being a decent human being. A certain age group of young men often don’t, which is regrettable.

    • Elliander Eldridge

      Funny thing: I am a man, but my hips happen to be closer to that of a woman’s, so I usually sit differently from most men and I’ve even been torn into for sitting cross legged. “Stop sitting like a woman” , “Put your feet on the floor” , Ugh. It seems that no matter what a man does it’s now evil.

  • mofa

    We need to stop shopping bag spreading…so many women are guilty of this, spreading hand bags and shopping bags over seat areas that nice men could sit on.

  • Wintereis

    Privilege is ruining the social justice movement for people who face REAL discrimination in society. And, yes, privilege is the correct term. If your idea of discrimination is cat calling, man spreading, and man splaining, then you have no idea what real discrimination is like in our society.

  • Crazy Diamond

    I’m sorry, I have fucking man sized cock’n’balls and don’t want them squished. Feminazis.

  • Samantha

    Sickening to the point of vomit. Thought this was satire, then started seeing “patriarchy” and “Cis male identifying” and all those other shitty buzzwords used by insane women like you. What an embarrassment to our great country that people like you take up space on the internet with bs like this. There are wars and pestilence and droughts and murders happening all over the world and the here you are with your two page paper on why you hate men for doing something natural. What’s next, bras are the oppressive mans creation? Men taking their shirts off make your eyes hurt? What a sick joke.

  • Dubbin

    Just fucking tell the guys sitting next to you if your forced to sit with your legs closed your pad will leak because your on your period. I will guarantee you will have an entire row of free seats.


    “Manspreading” is a phrase used by privileged first world crybabies who have nothing to complain about except their own sexist pet peeves. Yeah, instead of protesting local or federal governments over women’s health rights or abortion rights (actual feminist issues), they would rather police how men are sitting in public.

    • Mansaying, manexisting… The list goes on and on.

    • NorthC

      Lmao! OMG! You almost got me fired at my job for manlaughing!

  • Kyle Dettmers

    Not enough room to sit comfortably? Throw a feminazi off the train!

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  • Manspreading 101

    The best country on Earth is Saudi Arabia

  • Manspreading 101
  • Manspreading 101

    ISIS really know how to take care of its women.

  • Manspreading 101

    Do these women really have nothing better to do than complain about the way men sit? If you have a problem just ask him to move his leg. Stop being such retards, or go back to the kitchen!

  • Manspreading 101

    The 19th Amendment was probably the worst mistake our country have ever made! #Partiarchy #WhiteCisMalePrivilage

  • As a feminist (what Christina Hoff Summers would call an “equality feminist”), I am staring at my computer in disbelief, hardly able to believe the eloquently worded nonsense that I’ve just read.

    1- “But what all these people fail to realise is that they are adopting the same false arguments that we have all been raised with in this patriarchal system.”
    Because if a man with biologically male sexual reproductive organs states that something is necessary for his genitals, he must be adopting false arguments. He can’t know what on earth he is talking about.

    2- “They assured me that they make room when someone needs the seats around them, and that by sitting with their legs spread, they are simply doing it for the sake of comfort – not out of some malicious attempt to prove that men rule and girls drool.”
    Could it possibly be that some men are just… decent human beings who can accommodate other people’s needs whilst tending to their own? Surely not!

    3- “I’ll acknowledge, having never had a cock and balls myself, I don’t know if men really need all that extra space for their man-parts.”
    But I’ll continue writing this article anyway.

    4- “I don’t know about you, but when I’m on my period and I’m wearing a pad, I literally want nothing more than to spread my legs wide when sitting anywhere—the last thing I want to do is keep them tightly shut, which scrunches up the pad and often causes leaks.”
    What an utterly nonsensical comparison. Men have male genitals ALL THE TIME. Women have periods for a few days every month. Where is the similarity here?

    5- “Yet, rarely do we find women relaxed on any public property with their legs spread wide. And if we do see women taking up more room than they’re conventionally entitled to, we see them more willing to give up the extra room when someone else needs it. I rarely ever see men do this.”
    Whilst this may be true in some respects, the reliance on anecdotal evidence when trying to make a point about women’s rights is always suspicious. And didn’t she say earlier that one of her male feminist friends is courteous enough to give women space when they require it? Oh wait, that was a problematic comment. Noted.

    6- “Therein is illustrated two truths: the first is that women are generally considered easier to approach. I’ve noticed this when riding any sort of public transit; when given the choice between sitting beside a man or sitting beside a woman, people—regardless of gender—tend to sit beside the woman. It could be that women are seen as less intimidating or easier to dominate. I really don’t know, but it annoys the hell out of me as a woman who rarely ever gets to sit alone, while men enjoy empty seats beside them regularly.”
    By the time I had read this far down, I my head was in my hands. The author’s penchant for dubious conclusions makes a steep ascent. I don’t know whether I am supposed to infer that by choosing to sit with a woman, a man is making a silent statement of domination, particularly since ANY gender usually chooses to sit with a woman. But let’s get to the inexplicable conflation between the author’s personal preferences on public transit and women’s rights issues. She can provide no scientific data on the “phenomenon” she just described, but moreover, appears to make the conclusion that her personal discomfort (the heinous crime of having to let someone occupy a FREE seat next to her on public transport) is a sign that she and all women is being seen as “easier to approach” or being dominated. By what means does one come to such logical fallacies?

    7- “We are raised like that: we are raised to sit with closed legs, to not talk or laugh too loudly, to not be seen or heard, to take up as little space in the world as possible.”
    This is not entirely false, but since it is being brought up in a conversation about the fictional and ludicrous concept of “manspreading”, it rings hollow. The logic of this article that a man who chooses to sit… like a man… is an agent of patriarchal forces and doing a disservice to all women REGARDLESS of whether said man is decent enough to give space on public transit when required to do so.

    8- “This is the patriarchy for you: raising girls to feel like they are doing the world a disservice by existing, and raising boys to feel like the world is their oyster—both of these even if the individual doesn’t realise it him- or herself. And this trickles down into every aspect of the lives of all genders: from how we sit and where we choose to sit, to what we say and how we decide to say it, to what we wear and how we’re treated when we walk down the street.”
    I put it to you that catcalling and sexual harassment are not remotely comparable to sitting on public transport or anywhere else. As for judging “how we decide to say it”, this seems extremely suspect to me. Is there such a thing as “mansaying”? I’m sure that must also be very harmful.

    9- “male-identifying cis men who will have it easiest, and that will allow them to sit with their legs spread and often be totally unaware of anyone else until someone pointedly asks them to adjust themselves to accommodate those around them.”
    First of all– male-identifying? Seriously? They’re men. And I love this glorious image of blissful selfishness that the author wishes to impress upon the author’s mind. I’m sure there are selfish men on public transport who fit this category, but what of those who don’t? And does the author think this is the most notable form of inconsiderate behaviour in any social setting? Furthermore, and I suppose there is no use in asking, why are the biological reasons given for manspreading not taken seriously in this article?

    10- “More often than not, I get angry that in this day and age, they’re not “woke” enough to either realise that they are not entitled to the world. Or I get frustrated that they have been brainwashed by the patriarchy into making excuses for seemingly minuscule things like manspreading.”
    Possibly the most insulting element of the article– imposing malign assumptions on men who are committing the heinous crime of sitting in ways that are comfortable to them, despite the author having falsely claimed just a sentence beforehand that she did not immediately ascribe poor intentions to men who did so! Are we really supposed to believe that all men think they are entitled to the world? As for the accusation of making excuses, did the author’s male feminist friend not give her a reasonable explanation for his “manspreading”, with assurances of his ability to accommodate other people when necessary? Was he brainwashed by the patriarchy? The condescension and bloated sense of moral superiority here is even more egregious than the fallacious arguments.

    11- “Because manspreading it’s not a minuscule thing at all; it’s an act of dominance that is the result of deep-rooted societal privilege borne of our patriarchal society.”
    Wow. Just wow.

    12- “Only by changing our everyday habits can we become enlightened enough to better understand and find solutions for the bigger, “more important” issues.”
    The irony of using enlightenment in this sentence, along with the words “solutions” and “more important” is staggering. This is an article that has made no distinction between men who are reasonable and those who are not, has drawn parallels between typical male behaviour and systems of oppression with no evidence but plenty of emotionality, logical fallacies and soundbite information, has waved away simpler reasons for this “phenomenon”, has even dismissed a male friend who supports the feminist cause despite his perfectly reasonable compromises and has ascribed the worst intentions to men as a whole. I’m surprised that the author has any male feminist friends at all, or whether they can do ANYTHING that doesn’t have “deep-rooted social privilege”. The movement was never about demonizing men, but about standing shoulder to shoulder with men. This author clearly doesn’t understand that.

    • Neonivek

      The article has what I call the “Lazy Argument” which is you justify your premise by the conclusion. “Sexism is a problem, therefor Manspreading is a problem”. The sheer number of Feminist articles that can be summed up as a personal issue that is being paraded as a gender issue with men not only as the aggressor but where women are exclusively affected no matter how shared. It can even work in reverse where something a male needs is considered exclusive to them (and therefor wrong) instead of gender neutral.

      Makes me wonder if I should still be a feminist or just drop it as a movement co-opted by lunatics… And I wonder that everyday.

      • MorganCourtenay

        I wonder every day, too. Feminism was a huge part of my identity for years and I still cling to it in defence of many women around the world with not a fraction of our rights, but the First World lunacy and rampant deceit in modern feminism is increasingly indefensible.

        • Neonivek

          I think there are a few possible causes… But the main one for me is I think Feminism has no standards. No one outside feminism is allowed to criticize feminism itself. Even if you are perfectly correct you are considered sexist. Even within Feminism it is taboo to criticize feminism.

          So, you have a group of people who can say whatever the heck they want and they are not only considered correct but their opposition is considered “evil” for even daring say a word against it.

          Which is kind of why I am an advocate for responsible feminism. That if you are putting out nonsense maybe you shouldn’t be featured on the news and have the news treat it like gospel. That we open up Feminism to criticism and defend those critics instead of treating Feminism like the perpetual victim just a hair away from being shut down and thus needs to be shielded from the world.

          This attitude is a lot like PETA in that most people who believe in animal rights dislike PETA, and yet they are constantly flouted as the face of animal rights. Perhaps the media should be more discriminant.

  • Napoleanofthetrump

    Are you sure you aren’t some MRA plant designed to make feminism seem dumb?

  • im lost

    Just like AC temp is too cold for women in the office hey ??

  • Krzysztof Pałka

    I… I mean… What? Really? Guys not sitting with their legs closed is now an issue? Guess what, when you sit down as a guy, you either sit with your legs open, or squash your nuts between your legs unless you stick your hand in your pants and adjust it. Neither of the latter two is good to do. I mean, there are actual issues with women’s rights, but there are also issues were women are treated with privilege over men. But the feminists not only ignore the fact that sexism is a two-way street, they apparently also ignore important issues of their own gender to instead discuss ‘man-spreading’… And then they wonder why noone takes them seriously. Feminism has become nothing more than a joke, oversaturated with extremists who will call you sexist for saying hello to them. The most you can do is shrug it off and laugh about it.

    • MorganCourtenay

      I’m a woman who read this article in sheer disbelief. The biological reasons for the way men sit were brushed aside, with an “I don’t know…”. Of course, the TRUE reason had to be sexism! Patriarchy! Deep-rooted social privilege! Her own male friend told her that he MADE ROOM FOR OTHER PEOPLE WHEN THEY NEEDED IT, and this was treated like a grave sin.

  • Blue Banana

    Mostly correct assumptions, but wrong conclusions. The problem is not that men are taking too much space, but that women are taking too little. Everyone should be entitled to have two seats in public transport if they want to, and women being blamed for she-bagging is a problem because unnecessarily taking up space to protect one’s personal space is acceptable.
    Now, feminists are refusing to accept this right. Giving up a right or freedom isn’t an argument for taking them away from others. The author said that she’d feel more comfortable sitting her legs spread – so just do it!

  • echelon

    This is the most retarrded thing i ever read. “I’ll acknowledge, having never had a cock and balls myself, I don’t know if men really need all that extra space for their man-parts. But if they do, how come women don’t claim extra room as well” —> you start with a fallacy. You say you don’t have balls so you wouldn’t know if the extra space is needed, then you justify your criticism by saying women don’t do that. But if it’s wrong, the fact that women do it would make it right? that’s not an argument

    “Chances are, you’re most likely to ask the woman to move her purse than ask the man to close his legs. In fact, more often than not, the woman will remove her bag when she notices new people entering the train while men will not be aware of the space they’re taking up unless explicitly asked to move” –> so you base all of your “arguments” on what you have seen? what your subjective “gender studies” trained self has witnessed. OK, good luck with that.

    “I like letting my vagina have extra space”—> then why don’t you do it? are there any sad little man blogs preventing you to do that?

    “This is the patriarchy for you” –> THIS is why people with working neurons don’t follow this 3 wave feminist bs. Because it ridiculous. You are the prime reason feminism has a bad publicity, YOU are the worst enemy of TRUE FEMINISM, the movement that seeks equality for men and women and to defend women against real atrocities, not this pathetic whining from first world kids. You should be ashamed of yourself.


    • MorganCourtenay

      I examined her article quote by quote, and the weight of fallacious arguments is astonishing.

  • Josceline Yeoh

    I manspread but I am a girl….. does this means i am actually womanspreading? I am so confused

  • The whole “manspreading” thing is so stupid. Men have testicles and a penis. They take up space. They are easily pinched and knocked around and it fucking hurts. Hell, everyone knows to kick a guy in the balls to stop him in his tracks. Mashing my balls between my thighs isn’t just discomfort. It is painful. If you see a guy doing the splits across a row of seats, he is a dickhead. If you see a guy with his bag taking up the seat next to him and he doesn’t free the seat on request, he is a dickhead. If you see a guy sitting with his legs apart, it is because you are looking at a man sitting without crushing his balls. This isn’t a fucking feminist issue. This is not some fucking misogynist posturing. Get your shit together. Get your focus back on actual equality issues. Feminism has become a complete laughing stock and been shoved backwards because of people getting so hyperfocused on this type of absurd horse shit. There are too many ACTUAL issues to work on to get hung up on this nonsense.

    Last thing in my rant, let your vagina breathe! Spread your fucking legs on the bus if that is comfortable for you. I guarentee men do not give a rat’s ass how you sit.

    That this has gotten as much coverage as it has is ridiculous.

    • MorganCourtenay

      Spot on.

  • Axlerosucks

    I’m sorry, was she trying to say something

  • Beaniebenji8

    Okay, so I have a question for write and/or anyone else. Should we, as a society, change men so that they’re more quiet and aware of the space they take up, change women so that they feel more comfortable to be loud and seen, or both?

  • PhaserFace

    I’m sorry but when your 6 foot 5 inches tall and living in a world built for people shorter than you then you spread your legs when you sit in a low seat. It’s human anatomy not misogyny

  • James Joseph Torrez

    Mono are you a feminist?

  • Rob

    Why do female dogs squat to pee and male dogs cock their back leg. It’s just genetics. Nobody teaches men to spread their legs for the brotherhood when sitting down. It just happens naturally. Next they will be telling us that Men are aggressive because we have outward pointing genitalia.
    What a load of nonsense. All made possible by our rich, bored bourgeois society that will be thrown back to the dark ages once Islam (who are taking full advantage of the family benefits that feminism has delivered) takes over. The shear amount of self indulgent stupidity and victimhood in feminism makes me puke.
    Jimmy James nailed it in his comments!

    • MorganCourtenay

      There are feminists who claim that heterosexual intercourse is rape by default. No theory is too ludicrous for modern feminism.

  • Nick Fletcher

    well this is a load of horseshit of the highest proportion. We spread because of two reasons. One, it IS uncomfortable to have your balls mashed between your legs for an extended period of time. Imagine if someone did it to your boobs for 30 minutes plus. And two, its because of how men’s hips are structured. Women can point inwards because of their wide hips, men must point outwards because of their narrower hips

    • MorganCourtenay

      Biology? Meh, please. We all know the patriarchy is controlling everything.

  • Elijah Valongo

    Reading this was like watching a blind man paint a picture of the moon in front of him

  • Troy Dickie

    The author of this article is a sweaty, man-hating feminist. Stop writing sexist articles. Nobody wants to read about your period you disgusting bitch. Feminism will never again be taken seriously in the modern world and it’s completely thanks to articles like this one.

  • you mad bro?

    Fucking females are ridiculous. Pure misandristic nonsense and whoever wrote this is a totally disgusting cunt and should think about offing themselves.

  • S.M. Stirling

    Women are considered “easier to approach” because they’re much, much less likely to react with anger and/or violence when you do so. It’s less dangerous. I’ve never been seriously physically endangered by a woman (outside dojo settings); the reverse is emphatically not the case.

    • Danny Timms

      They’ll be considered even more easy to approach if they sit with their legs spread wide.

  • Yeltsin Perez

    manspreading is not an issue all feminists are cancer

  • Neonivek

    I remember when I was in school… The teacher would rap the girls across the hand if they didn’t sit properly all while the boys were left perfectly alone. OHH wait, this narrative didn’t happen. The closest to “Girls are told to take up as little space as possible” is that when a girl wears a skirt they should keep their legs close together because it will flash their underpants to everyone… and very few women where I live even wear skirts anymore so this is being taught less an less.

    Can you prove this narrative? I don’t mean in a “Girls don’t spread their legs, thus someone MUST be telling them not to” I mean, show me where girls are being forced to be as small as possible, show me a class syllabus. Sorry I mean “Forced to be as small as possible by men”.

    • MorganCourtenay

      This article is gloriously lacking in evidence beyond anecdotes and soundbites, presumably from the sour-faced Gender Studies class.

    • Danny Timms

      Bad on your teacher. I like it when women sit with their legs wide.

    • Elliander Eldridge

      I actually have crooked fingers because when I was in Kindergarten the female teacher would hit my hands with a ruler for writing with both hands. She said I was “showing off” whereas I was simply motivated to improve myself.

      I actually don’t remember seeing any girl even told to keep her legs closed, even wearing a skirt. Although, if it happened, I’d imagine that if a boy was allowed to wear a Kilt the same would have been demanded of him.

  • nmckrunner

    So the author of this piece was raised in a barn by farm animals who didn’t teach anyone, regardless of sex, proper behavior and etiquette, and then a man sits the way his natural physiology allows him to sit comfortably, and the author body-shames him?

    Would she say the same thing about a fat woman who was sitting on two seats in the subway? Oh, no, then body-shaming would be wrong.

    Because it’s always okay for silly, stupid, vapid girlies like Sara to slam men for anything and everything, but women can do no wrong, ever.

    What a stinking, stupid hypocrite Sara Kahn is. Plus, what crap parents she has/had.

  • GrumpySteve

    Am I missing something here? Surely girls are “raised to sit with their knees together” because they have the option of wearing skirts and dresses: an option still not generally acceptable for men. If girls, like boys, had no option but to wear trousers, there would be no need for them to learn the leg behaviour appropriate to skirt-wearing. Dress codes always give women and girls more option to express themselves comfortably than men, especially at work. Forcing men to wear a jacket and tie, but allowing women to dress “in a business-like manner”, while slowly becoming less common, is probably the most widespread gender discrimination in the workplace today.

    You can see a good example currently in the US congress, where women are complaining that it is sexist to stop them wearing sleeveless dresses in the hot weather. How can this be sexist when the men are forced to wear a jacket and tie? Genuinely equal dress codes for men and women would be a big step forward in ending workplace discrimination..

  • Stefan Thomas Minkey

    This article / author is more Marie Antoinette than anything else – ‘Let them eat cake’.

    If was to measure “subway (‘tube’ where I come from) spreading” the key metric would be BMI. This article points to men spreading, but does not discuss about vastly overweight women (of which there are very many these days) doing the same thing. Sexist or more accurately misandric claptrap.

    Now for some definitions.

    ‘Modern Feminist’ = 3rd Wave Feminist
    ‘3rd Wave Feminist’ = Marxist in a skirt
    ‘Marxist’ = A 3rd rate intellectual, usually who works in government especially academia, who has an IQ of 85 or lower and a believe in un-evidenced make believe that is a form of mental illness.
    ‘Patriarchy’ = A Marxist based theory (based on an oppressor class – ‘Men’ and a victim class – ‘Women’) which is bollocks because its based on discredited Marxism.
    ‘internalized ‘ = A bollocks theory designed to counter well evidenced, logical, coherent and rational arguments without any evidence or logic or coherence or rationality. It is based on a emotional victim diatribe and espoused via a Marxist framework (i.e. its bollocks and not true).

  • EricAwful

    This nothing more than good old fashioned feminist man hating. You stated it right up front, author. You don’t have a cock so you don’t know what the fuck your are talking about. Squeezing our balls hurts, so if we don’t have to because no one is sitting next to us we DON’T. NO SHIT right, special one? You poor poor things that just can’t handle guys who aren’t willing to play bitch for you. DIE!!!!!

  • Chip Baskets

    Sarah khan, you are so incredibly divorced from reality, it truly is hilarious.


    I love your article thank you for taking time to write it. it is a good one and you are bringing an issue to light that many overlook thankyou fir your contribution.

  • Pinkie Pie

    you telling men not to “man-spread” is like me telling you to shove a tampon up your snatch! It is down to personal feelings, some people do and some people don’t. In my opinion guys don’t do it to be jerks, they do it for ease and comfort, you telling a man that his balls don’t need space is like a man telling you that menstration is all in your mind… you can’t pass judgement on the other genders needs because you do not understand what they have to deal with. I think you are extremely bigoted and narrow minded to only think about your own little field of vision but for once it would be nice to see a feminist that is considerate to men while fighting for EQUAL rights. I am a woman, and I am against femanism because femanists do not fight for equality anymore, they seem to want world domination and male oppression.

  • Pinkie Pie

    you telling men not to “man-spread” is like me telling you to shove a tampon up your snatch! It is down to personal feelings, some people do and some people don’t. In my opinion guys don’t do it to be jerks, they do it for ease and comfort, you telling a man that his balls don’t need space is like a man telling you that menstration is all in your mind… you can’t pass judgement on the other genders needs because you do not understand what they have to deal with. I think you are extremely bigoted and narrow minded to only think about your own little field of vision but for once it would be nice to see a feminist that is considerate to men while fighting for EQUAL rights. I am a woman, and I am against femanism because femanists do not fight for equality anymore, they seem to want world domination and male oppression.

  • Villeie Bionchi

    What a time to be alive! You’re an asshole because of the way you sit! Period!

  • Shawn Putnam

    Oh my fuck this shit is getting ridiculous.

  • gary perkins

    Funny thing, when I drive my car I sit with my legs spread, when I sit at my desk I sit with my legs spread. do yo think that just maybe that is comfortable to me and has nothing to do with entitlement? Maybe you are looking for something to bitch about and really just coming up empty.

  • samantha

    The male anatomy is inarguably different physically and dimensionally from that of a female. Looking at the picture tied to this article, personally, I cannot sit with my legs parallel without being miserable; it crushes my genitals. Now, if I am a sitting public transit passenger, I would quite honestly sit similarly to the man in the photo, given space, though possibly less severely. If I see things crowding, I’d gladly move over and make room for everyone; elder, young, able bodied, disabled, ladies, gentlemen – having nothing to do with lack of consideration for women. Sorry females, my respect for others is not about chivalry, it’s about respect for everyone.

    Inarguably, a small group of scary people exist. No one should sit next to a socio/psychopathic man when riding public transit. 95%+ of men are complete gentlemen and make space not only on the subway or bus, but also hold the doors and elevators for not only women but other men; most men have the utmost manners. We help anyone lift a bags into an overhead bin; we’re generally agreeable. I’ve never seen one of my fellow men fail to do the same.

    So, if I sit with my legs at 30 degrees on the uncrowded subway and you cut your eyes at me because my legs are at 30 degrees vs. parallel, you’re the damned problem.

    Derrick (posted through an account called ‘Samantha’)

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  • asteroth138

    If this kind of behavior is a massive problem in your life then you are pretty lucky plain and simple. Count your blessings and stop taking life for granted. Stop labeling people. A simple excuse me typically goes a long way. Expecting everyone to cater to this pseudopatriarchial problem is assinine considering you aren’t aware of said spreader’s condition or situation . Have some humility and patience. Go to a psychologist. People who think the world should cater to them are ridiculous on both sides of the coin. Dont act like you are a specified victim because people suck in general. As i said – count your blessings.

  • George Latzanich

    Don’t forget that men are taller. Sitting on a seat that’s,say, 2.5 feet off the ground when I need to sit on something 3 feet high to be at a right angle and comfy—this is another reason our legs naturally fall apart or “spread”

  • Jack

    Manspreading isn’t okay according to feminists, yet spreading their legs and “free-bleeding” is. They then have the nerve to say that “free-bleeding” is for equality. How is it equality when men aren’t allowed to “manspread” or do virtually anything these days?

    Even a child could see how hypocritical and logically inconsistent feminists are. I ask how bitter and bad must your life be to write a 1000 word hate article on the mechanics of how men sit?

    This woman also needs to act more lady like. No one wants to hear about your “pussy”, “vag”, “vaginal fluids” which are “constantly dripping out”. Women and feminists alike constantly scold men for their vulgarity and disgusting behavior, yet this one seems to be deliberately acting that way. Seems like you’re trying to act like those who you claim to hate; seems like jealousy.