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by | December 23, 2015
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Pink fireworks

Looking for some holiday reading? You’re in luck: it’s time to count down our top 10 posts of 2015 (measured by pageviews). Stay tuned for another post coming soon, in which our contributors pick their favourite books, movies, music and more from the past year.

10. “A Letter to My Rapist on Our 22nd Anniversary.” Lyndsay Kirkham writes a powerful open letter to her rapist, reflecting on the attack and subsequent 22 years.

9. “Does Bud Light’s #UpForWhatever Include Being #UpForRape?” Lyndsay Kirkham calls out Budweiser for rape culture-promoting Bud Light beer cans.

8. “The Lessons Captain Janeway Taught Me.” This was my contribution to our series of posts on our early feminist role models.

7. “(Straight) Ladies, the Smarter You Are, the More Likely You Are to Die Alone, Says Yet Another Person.” Roxanna Bennett skewers yet another one of those articles warning smart women they’re destined to be single and miserable for life.

6. “How Teachers (Especially Men) Can Fight Misogyny.” Ben Sichel lists tips for teachers (especially men) to fight sexism and misogyny in their classrooms and set an example for their students.

5. “Everything Wrong with Avengers: Age of Ultron in One Line.” Tracy Bealer explains the problem with Avengers: Age of Ultron‘s rape joke.

4. “Body Hair: The Last Beauty Taboo?” Patricia Kmiec asks why body acceptance campaigns by retailers like Dove and Lane Bryant still take body hair removal as a given.

3. “Trekkie Response to Jennifer Lien’s Arrest Disappoints.” Michelle Toven was dismayed when Star Trek fans responded in sexist and ableist ways to the arrest of former Voyager star Jennifer Lien.

2. “Who Killed the World? The Complicated Feminism of Mad Max: Fury Road.” Jessica Critcher takes a critical eye to one of the year’s biggest movie hits, and debatably one of the best feminist films of the yar.

1. “What the Stampede Threesome Backlash Says About Our Backwards Views on Sex.” Amanda Van Slyke looks at how the woman who was filmed participating in a threesome at the Calgary Stampede was slut-shamed and how our society needs to shift its views on sex.



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