Geek Colouring Fans, Rejoice: Kitchen Overlord’s New Book is Here!

by | December 21, 2015
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From the genius creators of The Kitchen Overlord’s Illustrated Geek Cookbook, nerds can snatch up a brand new colouring book brimming with luxuriously designed pages of pure unadulterated dorkdom — just in time for Christmas. Chris-Rachael Oseland has a long history of creating unique kitchen related tributes to the worlds of science fiction and general geekery; from her cookbook of Hobbit-inspired fare, to a guide for every Whovian meal maker and an entire book of steampunk cocktails, Oseland’s books are a delightful combination of fanfiction and tasty delights.

Colouring book page


Although most on-trend bookstores are currently stuffed with spectacular “adult” colouring books, The Kitchen Overlord wins top billing by offering you so much more the chance to colour these richly illustrated worlds, this colourable anthology walks nerds through a condensed timeline of our favourite comics, movies, novels and video games. It’s like a Geek History class, but with markers!

From the 1887 inception of Sherlock Holmes and the 1941 creation of Captain America to 2008 Hunger Games and a 2013 nod to Sleepy Hollow, this colouring book takes you through 44 remarkable moments in time when the world was introduced to a new work of dokery.

A delightful aspect of this to-be-coloured compendium is the wit and humour woven throughout Oseland’s commentary:

“Lara Croft’s pixelated boobs convinced male gamers they could enjoy a series with a great female protagonist. Eleven games, two movies, plus numerous comics, novel and theme park adaptations later, the British “archeologist” is still at large destroying countless sites and inspiring real archeologists to drink themselves into a coma”

The artist invites geeks to take part in putting their own spin on the worlds that they adore; this colouring book offers more than 50 opportunities to splash colour into your favourite fandoms.

Printed on heavy stock, that will withstand your most vicious scribbling, this colouring book is a perfect gift for your favourite geek. Enjoy this Dune colouring page with this Spice-Stuffed Sandworm Bread. (like, guys, I can’t even with this Dune bread)

Kitchen Overlord Dune page

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