Sense8 Episode 10: ‘What is Human?’

by | November 11, 2015
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Tuppence Middleton as Riley

Tuppence Middleton as Riley

Plot things:

Content warning for physical violence/domestic abuse.

Will learns more about Sensates from Jonas, who is breaking down under under Whispers’ interrogation methods. Sun’s father keeps his promise to tell the truth in court and get her out of prison although why would she ever want to leave that misandrist paradise? Kala confesses her confusion about getting married to her father, then hangs out with Capheus to watch a Jean-Claude Van Damme movie. Wolfgang orchestrates a bloody confrontation with his stupid, criminal, cousin after he threatens him at Felix’s bedside. Lito sets out to fix his mistakes and win back Hernando. Riley experiences a brutal flashback.

Lito apologizing to the bartender that he shamed in the previous episode with a super sexy, tequila soaked kiss is triumphant both as part of his character’s arc and as a television moment for two dudes kissing, like, NBD. Lito rescuing Daniela from her abusive partner isn’t exactly feminist but is still fantastic.


Any television scene where two women share mutually fantastic sex is a feminist win. Nomi and Amanita having fantastic sex while literal fireworks explode outside their window is a bit heavy-handed but ultimately spectacular.

Daniela whacking her abusive partner with a shovel is a short but powerful moment of vindication.

In a moment shared by the entire cluster, the Sensates re-experience their own births (this sentence makes sense if you’ve been watching the show). The raw violence of childbirth is shown with a candour often missing from television.

Newborns are usually depicted as clean, chubby babies that look several months old but Sense8 opts for realism. From a water birth to a C-section, the newborn Sensates emerge wrinkled, bloody, and tiny, much as actual humans look when they are actually born in actual life. Childbirth, like periods and anything else having to do with lady bodies, is heavily sanitized in media and it’s glorious to see it shown as it is: painful, beautiful and also kind of gross.

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