Sense8 Episode 8: ‘We Will All Be Judged by the Courage of Our Hearts’

by | October 14, 2015
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Bae Doona as Sun

Bae Doona as Sun

Plot things:

Content warning for child abuse and domestic violence.

Everything happens in this episode. Nomi and Will uncover more information about the creepy brain surgeon and Whispers, information that is actually pertinent to the mechanics of the story. Capheus grapples with continuing to work for a very bad man and shares beautiful moments with his mother. Kala comforts Wolfgang at Felix’s hospital bed (adorbs flashback of Felix and Wolfgang as little kids in detention). Sun makes a friend, fights a prison yard full of bullies and gets sent to solitary.

Riley gives Will a tour of her childhood home in Iceland and hints that at terrible events in her past. Daniela is paying a terrible price for preventing her ex-boyfriend from blackmailing Lito, one that Hernando cannot abide. Nomi’s whereabouts are discovered and she is forced to make a daring escape. Kala meets her prospective father-in-law at the temple of Ganesha and witnesses him being brutally attacked. It’s a violent, fast-paced episode with multiple storylines screeching to a head simultaneously.


To allow Nomi time to escape, Amanita fakes having a messy period by dumping what looks like red cough syrup all over an unused tampon. When a giant man tries to bust into the bathroom she screams that she is changing her tampon, then brandishes the goopy tampon like a weapon and flings it at him. First of all, there is a tampon on TV. When have you ever seen anything remotely resembling a real used tampon on TV? There is something celebratory about this scene that almost makes up for decades of horrible commercials where unidentified blue liquid that looks exactly nothing like menstrual blood is delicately poured over gleaming white maxi pads.

The federal agent is horrified and backs out of the room, proving once and for all that nothing on earth is more terrifying to dudes than periods and all it takes for a tiny lady to defend herself is the power of menstruation.

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Sun (Bae Doona), Seoul
Lito (Miguel Angel Silvestre), Mexico City
Riley (Tuppence Middleton), London
Nomi (Jamie Clayton), San Francisco
Capheus (Ami Ameen), Nairobi
Kala (Tina Desai), Mumbai
Wolfgang (Max Riemelt), Berlin
Will (Brian J. Smith), Chicago

Supporting Cast:
Felix (Max Mauff)
Jela (Paul Ogola)

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