Sense8 Episode 5: ‘Art is Like Religion’

by | September 12, 2015
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Max Riemelt as Wolfgang

Plot things:

Wolfgang is being threatened by his creepy criminal uncle. Sun makes a decision about taking the fall for her idiot brother. Capheus is running a dangerous errand for a dangerous man.

Kala is…still getting married. Longest. Wedding. Preparation. Ever. Although it’s possible there will be an actual wedding in this episode.

Will has an unpleasant phone conversation with Nomi’s monster mother (content warning for predictably terrible transphobic dialogue) and Nomi’s chosen family in the queer community help her and Amanita dodge the cops.

The Sensates are starting to experience each other’s lives more directly, visiting and speaking with each other although many of them are convinced they are hallucinating. Amanita seems to be the only character aside from Will who is invested in figuring out what the actual heck is going on.

“Honey,” Amanita reassures Nomi, who is convinced she is losing her mind. “Not so long ago the idea of someone like me, someone with my crazy thoughts, my desires, someone with this kind of hair, would have been completely impossible in this world.”

“From the instant my lips touched these two lips,” she says, “I realized one of the most important lessons of my life, impossibility is a kiss away from reality.”

And then there is a beautiful kiss between two beautiful women, and awwwwwww. 


Capheus tries to invoke Sun with prayer calling her the “Spirit of Jean Claude Korean lady.” It’s very satisfying to see a hale male character begging for a tiny woman to inhabit his body and loan him her fighting skills. There are so many themes at play here: bodily autonomy, power, control, and the subversion of traditional gender roles.

Several yays for Will correcting the ever loving eff out of Nomi’s monster mother when she insists on dead-naming her daughter.

Ladies, have you ever wondered what it would be like for a masculine dude to experience menstruation? Heck yeah you have! Wonder no more! Lito…is…menstruating! Well, not actually but the next best thing. He’s experiencing Sun’s period through the Sensate’s connection and it is simply glorious. He bursts into tears on set because, “I’m just feeling a little emotional today,” and because he suddenly realized that “all beauty is temporary.” He later completely loses his shit in a traffic jam, screaming over speaker phone to his boyfriend, convinced that he has a stomach tumour because the pain is so bad. He road rages other drivers and weeps uncontrollably like a baby. It is so very delicious to watch a grown man ride the hormone roller coaster and sob from period feelings.

Amanita and Nomi kissing and being in love is always a feminist triumph.

Total full frontal male nudity, like, no big deal, there’s a penis on a naked dude, on a TV show, for the win!



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