Girls Recap: ‘Tad & Loreen & Avi & Shanaz,’ Season 4, Episode 8

by | March 9, 2015
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This week’s episode was all about ill-fated partnerships.

After forcing him to attend Mimi-Rose’s art open unwittingly, Hannah makes a play to get Mr. Parker – the hot teacher – back. He resists because, yeah, Hannah just used him as a prop the week before, to prove to Adam she was moving on.

Mr. Parker doesn’t want to be a prop in a theatrical melodrama. In fact, he says Hannah is simply too “dramatic” for him, full stop. Now usually when men call women “dramatic,” it smacks of sexism. “Dramatic” is just a modern synonym for “hysterical,” in my opinion; however, in this one case, the dude might have a point.

The problem with Hannah, as Mr. Parker points out, is that she doesn’t see herself as dramatic but still uses people as pawns in her emotional chess games with ex-boyfriends. How can Hannah ever change if she doesn’t get that it’s a problem?

And Hannah isn’t changing. Teaching can help you grow up. It can motivate you to become a role model for your students, or, as is the case with Hannah, it can make you 15 again.

Hannah has inappropriately befriended a student with whom she talks about which boys at the school are “cute,” dances to Arianna Grande, and gets piercings (except Hannah backs out because the piercing looks painful when the teenager gets hers first). Hannah is bringing the drama not just to rebound dating , but to her rebound career after writing. It’s almost like she’s daring the school to fire her for inappropriate behaviour!

In other relationship news, Desi and Marnie are engaged. This storyline starts because Desi, without Marnie’s permission, spends their entire advance on fancy guitar accessories. Marnie is none too pleased. She has already admitted to finding Desi selfish on more than one occasion, so I was hoping this would be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Not so!

When Desi shows up randomly to surprise Marnie with an engagement ring, she readily accepts despite the fact that he has proven an inconsiderate partner, capable of essentially stealing money from her. Why? Because despite the fact that the reality of being with Desi sucks, Marnie is still clearly invested in the fictional version of their story in her head, where they are basically that couple from Once.

The plot thickens, however, because Ray admits to Shosh that he’s still in love with Marnie. Of course, Shosh is upset by this because, as we know, she’s probably not entirely over Ray. Fortunately, the episode also suggests Shosh may still be moving on from Ray to find healthier relationships with people who actually do want her.

Shosh goes on a date with the soup mogul! Soup mogul, it turns out, wants a woman who wants to “soar.” He doesn’t want some sort of trophy wife who caters to his every need. This is the exact opposite of what Shosh thought a man like him would want when she first met Soup Mogul, but it’s awesome! He sounds like a fabulous prospective partner, one who is ready to love Shosh for her ambitious instincts and determination. I just hope she doesn’t let residual feelings for Ray get in the way. But, because this is Girls, I’m pretty sure she will.

Now, I must turn to the most poignant part of the episode  – Hannah’s dad coming out of the closet. After 30 years of marriage, Hannah’s father realizes he’s gay, or maybe he always knew and is only saying it out loud now. Your heart breaks for him as you realize how hard it must be to fight for who he really is after all these years of repressing it.

What really made this a poignant storyline, however, was that I felt for Hannah’s mother just as much as Hannah’s father. Her father just wants, after years of hiding, to be who he really is; however, in some ways Hannah’s mother thinks this makes their life together a complete lie. It could completely undo her marriage, one of the bedrocks of her life, and who knows how Hannah will be affected?

On that note, the episode ends with Hannah learning her father is gay over the phone. For once, our heroine has nothing to say in response….

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