Girls Recap: ‘Sit In,’ Season 4, Episode 5

by | February 17, 2015
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Marnie and Hannah talking while sitting on the bedThis was a brilliant episode. There are a million reasons why.

First off, Hannah has arrested development, but she’s learning that just because she can’t move on doesn’t mean others can’t.

It’s only been a month since Hannah left New York for Iowa, but now that she’s dropped out of grad school and returned, Adam has already found a new live-in girlfriend. Oh, and they somehow found time to remodel the apartment and move all of Hannah’s stuff into storage.

Hannah is offended because Adam was “in love with her” only a month ago. How could he not have waited for her for at least a little while? What Hannah doesn’t get is that this doesn’t count as a betrayal by her former lover, because she left Adam. She was the one to go. She started the chain reaction of events that led Adam to find someone new. It just so happens that he liked his new life without her better than Hannah liked her new life without him.

When Hannah hunkers down to “occupy the apartment” in protest of Adam’s new life without her, Adam proceeds to call basically everyone Hannah knows in New York. He seems to hope that one of them can get through to her.

First up, it’s Shosh. Shosh actually seemed like a really good breakup buddy. She was sympathetic. She was willing to give Hannah the space to be angry; however, when Hannah started watching Mimi-Rose’s viral commencement speech, she had the good sense to realize this would only make Hannah feel more insecure about her romantic replacement.

Perhaps Shosh was too good at being the breakup buddy, because she shortly gets banished by Hannah.

Next up, it’s Jessa. It turns out that Jessa not only knew about Adam and Mimi-Rose and failed to mention it to Hannah, but Jessa was even the one who set them up.

Jessa proceeds to give Hannah a lecture about how childish she is, because Hannah is the one who left. Okay, yes, Adam can use that argument, but when your best friend fixes your former partner up with someone else mere weeks after your breakup, I feel like said friend ought to inform you of that fact. You know, so you’re emotionally prepared and all.

The problem with Jessa is she is even more self-centred than Hannah. She can’t imagine she would ever do anything wrong. She genuinely believes everything she does is the right thing by virtue of the fact that she was the one to do it. Jessa is completely unable to think of anyone else’s feelings, and so she gets indignant when Hannah has the audacity to be upset with her.

Jessa storms out, informing Adam that Hannah has regressed to a “pre-verbal level.”

Then there are cameos by Ray, as well as one from Caroline and Laird. Because apparently everyone Hannah knows is invested in getting her out of her old apartment. These encounters are relatively amusing but don’t really advance the plot.

The last person to show up is probably the most important, however. Marnie arrives a bit late in the game, because she didn’t get all of Hannah’s panicked messages summoning her earlier. Apparently she and Desi were on a “cellphone diet.”

In her scene with Hannah, Marnie proves my theory that you don’t necessarily have to be good with relationships to give good relationship advice.

Marnie tells Hannah that yes, Adam probably moved on too quickly. She’s gentle and sympathetic about that, but she also points out that it’s time for Hannah to let him go. Hannah has her answer now. They’re not going to be a “forever couple.” So it’s time to move on.

With Girls, it’s often hard to tell why our leads are friends at all. What do they get from each other? They seem to spend more time hating on one another than supporting each other. However, this episode, I at least started to understand Marnie and Hannah, after three and a half seasons.

When things get really bad, Marnie does know how to make Hannah feel a little bit better. Better enough that Hannah is finally ready to vacate the apartment.

The scene between Hannah and Marnie is a lovely tribute to the power of female friendship that I really wish this show would give us more of. No, I don’t need them to braid each other’s hair and eat ice cream each episode. They can have fights and misunderstandings like real friends do, but I want to see more moments that explain why these two are still in each other’s lives.

I have realized that, at the end of the day, I don’t really care who Hannah dates, but her feelings for her friends fascinate me.

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