Mindy Project Recap: ‘Diary of a Mad Indian Woman’

by | November 19, 2014
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mindymadindianSo Mindy and Danny always stay over at Danny’s house, never Mindy’s. This makes sense from what we know of the characters, as Danny is pretty selfish.

One night, however, after accidentally hitting Mindy in the eye, Danny feels suitably contrite that he agrees to sleep at Mindy’s to make up for it.

On precisely the night Danny arrives at Mindy’s house to stay, Mindy is called in to the hospital where she works. You see, apparently it’s a teaching hospital, but Mindy has been slacking off in the teaching department of late. Her boss thinks this is unacceptable and calls Mindy in to rectify the situation.

When she arrives, Mindy assures the residents that this will “not be one of those things where I learn more from you than you learn from me.” Mindy is emphatically against teaching. Things get even more awkward, however, when TJ, the “brightest student in the class” accuses her of sexism for giving more opportunities to a shy and less brilliant student named Candace.

Of course, Mindy goes on to confront TJ about his ridiculous accusation. TJ says he won’t be oppressed by the “workplace matriarchy” any longer, and it is precisely at this moment that you realize TJ’s character is a total douche.

Mindy explains that it’s not sexist favouritism; she doesn’t see herself in Candace just because she’s a girl. No, Mindy sees herself in TJ, the dude who was top of his class at a prestigious school, always knows the answers, and never lets anyone else participate. Because she knows TJ knows his stuff already, she’s spending more nurturing shy students. In the end, Mindy becomes a thoughtful teacher with a great pedagogical approach!

In other news, when Mindy leaves Danny alone in her apartment, he finds her diary in a drawer of sex toys and starts to read. I could be enraged by this violation of privacy, but Danny’s already a rapist so it doesn’t surprise me at all.

Anyway, as Danny reads, he learns Mindy wants to get married soon. She writes in the diary that if Danny doesn’t propose by Christmas, she may have to move on. Danny is obviously freaked out, but he is also obviously going to propose on the Christmas episode now.

Before “realizing” that he does want to marry Mindy in the near future, Danny seeks commitment-phobic support from Jeremy. However, Jeremy thinks since they are both in their 30s and have known each other for seven years, it’s not unreasonable for Mindy to expect more commitment right now.

After flirting with walking out on Mindy (he literally does leave her apartment at one point in what looks like an attempt to walk away forever to viewers), Danny comes back to stay the night with his partner.

So yeah, I guess this episode is meant to show the audience that Danny is ready to commit. Although remember when he said he was ready to commit to Mindy and promised he would wait for her all night at the Empire State Building to prove his love? Well, he didn’t wait all night. Not even close. He just tricked Mindy into thinking he had with the help of his friends.

Danny is not only a rapist with unresolved anger management issues who doesn’t know what religion his girlfriend is, he’s also lazy.  Is this a guy you want to commit your life to? Is this a guy who’s even capable of doing the work that a life-long relationship takes? I would say no on both counts.

So if life-long monogamy in the form of marriage is Mindy’s bag, I sincerely hope she moves onwards and upwards. The problem with the show, however, is that I know she won’t. I used to be sad about the prospect of The Mindy Project getting cancelled, and now I just think, “Oh well, at least I won’t have to watch the un-funny process of Mindy going from horribly mistreated girlfriend to horribly mistreated wife.”

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