FFFF: Hobby Lobby Make Your Own IUD!

by | July 11, 2014
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Sandy Riccardi plays the fictional “Miss Sandy from Hobby Lobby” and teaches you how to make your very own IUD!


Sandy: Hi! Welcome to Hobby Lobby’s Craft Hour. I’m Miss Sandy and I’ll be showing you today how to make your very own IUD out of materials that you can get right here at the Hobby Lobby. So first what you’re going to want to do is take a white pipecleaner, bend it in half, twist it around your thumb, and twist it around your thumb, and make one big twist at the top so that it doesn’t come apart until you want it to. And there you have your traditional ram-shaped, beautiful-shaped IUD.

And now we can decorate it. I’m going to use my glue gun and put some googly eyes on to start, like that. Also going to put some glitter on. I love my hot glue gun; I just live for it. There we go; some glitter. Now ladies, don’t worry about putting the IUD companies out of business with your beautiful, homemade IUDs, because here at the Hobby Lobby our retirement plan invests in Pfizer and Beyer and more who make IUDs and morning-after pills, so they’re in good shape.

I think I’m going to add one special strip of rhinestones. That will just make this beautiful and perfect. There you have it! Now these make such great craft projects for kids. They come in day-glo colours – look at that, look at all those colours. They come in Christmas colours. See? I’m not afraid to say Christmas. Look at that. Yup, Christmas colours. They hang on the tree just so beautifully. They also come, or you can make them in a traditional S shape out of these wonderful animal-print pipecleaners that we have. That’s for when you’re feeling extra frisky. And then these are the traditional T-shapes. And they are in neutral colours for you women in California who never shave. We also have extra large for when Mrs. Duggar decides to stop having babies.

Now if your IUD doesn’t work you fill find at Hobby Lobby we also have our knitting needles and our wire coat hangers, just to keep you completely equipped for those birth control needs you may have. That’s been our craft hour at Hobby Lobby. Tune in next week when we turn your used diaphragms into attractive planters.

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