Down Beat Aims to Beat Women’s Stigmatized Roles in Filmmaking

by and | May 22, 2014
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Promo photo for Down Beat, showing the filmmakersby Mary Galloway and Katherine Ramdeen

Down Beat is a feature film that focuses on two dynamic female characters who are dedicated to their profession and justice rather than the rules their chief and society gives them. Our story revolves around the “The Highway of Tears”, the stretch of highway between Prince George and Prince Rupert in B.C., where dozens and perhaps even hundreds of murders and disappearances of women, mostly Aboriginal, have occurred since 1969.

As our characters tackle this Canadian tragedy, we will also explore what it means to be a woman in a position of authority and service, touching on the topics of sexism, racism, and gender roles.

So we have our film idea, and have nearly finished writing the script. We also have $2,000,000 to get this movie made – that is, with your help. We have entered the filmmaking contest “Let’s Make a Movie”, where, based on votes by the public, the top five films will be judged by industry professionals. The winner will be granted a budget up to two million dollars!

We are two young female emerging artists in the film industry, and have found it challenging to find acting opportunities that break from the stereotypes of what a woman’s place is in relationships, the workforce and society. This is our chance to break that mould and create a barrier-breaking movie that has the potential to be seen by millions.

As the first stage of the contest is based on popularity (we thought high school was over?), we’re asking for your support via voting and sharing our story with your friends and family to get us to the judging round. We are being granted the opportunity to choose our creative team and it is our goal to employ a female director, and as many female and ethnically-diverse crew members as possible, to perhaps start a catalytic effect in the film world of Vancouver, and help the growh of women behind the camera that is currently happening.

Watch our pitch video and then click here to vote for Down Beat.

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