Queen’s University Faculty Statement in Support of Feminist Activism

by | March 30, 2014
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Photo of Douglas Library at Queen's UniversityNote: the following is a statement signed by more than 80 Queen’s University faculty members in support of  “Feminist Enquiry, Association, and Activism”, released after the attack on student Danielle D’Entremont, a feminist activist who had been involved in protesting men’s rights activism on campus.

Thanks to Mary Louise Adams in the School of Kinesiology and Health Studies for sending this in.

Faculty Statement in Support of Feminist Enquiry, Association, and Activism


We, the undersigned faculty at Queen’s University, believe in and strongly support feminist enquiry, association, Feminism has a long and complex history. It, like other political philosophies, has many variants, traditions and streams. Feminists rarely speak with one voice, and they are certainly not only female. But what we have in common is a commitment to equality of all kinds and an abhorrence of violence, both individual and systemic.

We see the marginalization of women as complex and intertwined with racialization, colonization, class inequalities, sexual orientation, and global location. Feminists agree that education is key to changing cultures of physical, emotional, and sexual violence and to maintaining hard won rights that must actively be protected.

We are outraged at the recent attack on a female Queen’s student, as we are at all acts of violence. We write to show our support for feminist students and feminist work at Queen’s and for everyone who speaks out against violence, discrimination, and injustice. We are proud to have the chance to work with students who are committed to social justice and equality.


(photo of Douglas Library at Queen’s University in the public domain, via Wikimedia Commons)

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