FFFF: New York Women’s Equality Act

by | November 22, 2013
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Friday Feminist Funny Film logoThis mock game show aims to raise support for the New York Women’s Equality Act by showing how ridiculous it is that the current laws still fail to address major forms of discrimination.

The Women’s Equality Coalition, who created the video, is also asking folks to sign this online petition in favour of the act. You can also share the campaign messages online, or if you’re a New York resident, call or email your legislator.

Transcript (after the jump):

Host: Welcome back to the game show that tests your knowledge of current New York Laws. We give you a scenario and we tell you whether it’s illegal or just sleazy. Today’s topic is: women. All right, first question: Karen learns she’s being paid less than a male colleague in the same position. Instead of getting a raise she’s fired for talking about her salary with her coworkers. Is that illegal or just sleazy?

Contestant: That’s easy; it’s discrimination so actually, it’s illegal.

Host: Ooh, bummer! It is legal for your boss to fire you for talking about your salary. This loophole in New York law means employers can get away with hiring women and paying them less. So that’s just sleazy. Moving along to the topic of sexual harassment: Susan works for a small business with two other employees. Her boss tells her, “Come back to my place tonight and we’ll see about that promotion.” Is that illegal or just sleazy?

Contestant: Well that’s sexual harassment, so illegal, obviously. And…that was gross.

Host: Ooh, tough one! But employees of companies with less than four people are not protected by New York State sexual harassment law. Isn’t that wild? It’s time for the bonus round. Jessica tries to rent an apartment for herself and her little boy, but the landlord won’t rent to her because she’s a victim of domestic violence. Is that illegal, or…

Contestant: Just sleazy?

Host: Yes! All right!

Contestant: Are you serious?

Host: New York laws do not protect victims of domestic violence from discrimination when renting or buying a home. Which means…you’re our second place winner! Congratulations!

Contestant: I’m the only contestant.

Host: And your consolation prize is…a brand new phone!

Contestant: That’s an old phone.

Host: It’s a new old phone.

Contestant: That’s not a thing.

Host: It’s vintage, just like the laws that protect New York women. Tune in next week when we’ll be talking about reproductive health, human trafficking, and pregnancy discrimination!

Contestant: Okay, I don’t want a rotary phone.

Host: It has everything you need: nine numbers, a pound sign…

Contestant: It has 10 numbers and it doesn’t have a pound sign.

Host: Okay, if you want to get technical.

Contestant: It doesn’t have a pound sign, just so you know.

Host: Ooh, hashtag awkward.


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