Teen Girls Talk About Street Harassment

by | November 13, 2013
filed under Feminism

Screencapture from FAAN Mail video on street harassmentA group of young women from buildON, working with the Philadelphia group FAAN Mail (Fostering Activism and Alternatives Now!) created this video to share examples of the street harassment they’ve experienced. They’re hoping this video will assist with an effort by HollabackPhilly to coordinate an upcoming City Council hearing to raise awareness of the issue and its real impact.

According to Stop Street Harassment, over 80% of Canadian women have experienced street harassment from a male stranger, and that detrimentally impacts their perceived public safety. And a 2013 study of LGBTQ people in the European Union found half avoided public spaces or changed their routines out of fear of street harassment.

Street harassment is a daily reality for many women and LGBTQ people. It’s something that we need to stop minimizing and start taking seriously.

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