FFFF: Citizen Dwayne Interviews Redskins Fans About Their Team’s Name

by | November 8, 2013
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There’s been some buzz that the Washington Redskins might be looking at changing their, frankly, racist name. Citizen Dwayne Kenndy from Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell headed down to a popular Redskins bar to talk to the fans about the Washington Redskins name debate.

Transcript (after the jump):

W. Kamau Bell: Now we’ve talked a lot on this show about the offensiveness of the Washtington Redskins’ name. I think it’s obvious it needs to change, but I don’t know why, in 2013, so many fans are resistant to it. So we sent our own Dwayne Kennedy to a popular Redskins bar on game day, to find out what the fans are really thinking. Here’s another installment of Citizen Dwayne.

Dwayne: I’m here to talk to people about the whole Redskins name thing and see what they have to say and hopefully not get my ass kicked.

(with microphone to two white women) Should they change it?

Younger woman: No, no they should not. It’s a tradition!

Older woman: If the Native Americans were upset with this name, why did they not voice objections years before now?

Dwayne: We would’ve got to it but we were too busy being devastated.

(to another white man with grey hair and woman with dark hair) If a person of the group that the name is offending wants the change, don’t you think we should kinda listen to those people?

White man with grey hair: Well I kind of think that you can overdo that –

Dwayne: (interrupts) You can’t overdo dignity. Dignity, it’s not for everybody.

Woman of colour in pink shirt: I don’t have a problem with it and I’m part Indian.

Dwayne: Which part? I’m just joking. Anyway…

White man with beard: Why are the Redskins being singled out when it’s…when they’re…

Dwayne: Because they’re called Redskins.

Black man with beard: I mean look at Notre Dame Irish!

Dwayne: Right, fighting Irish.

Black man with beard: Yeah. Before it was probably another name but then they just put “Fighting” in front of it and everything’s ok!

Dwayne: Um, it used to be the “Drunken Fighting Irish”…

White man with grey hair: You know there’s Vikings. Would that be bad if someone were offended to be a Viking?

Dwayne: To Nordic-Americans, brother!

(to woman of colour in pink shirt) How about this? They could have a league where every team name is an ethnic slur.

(to younger man with dark hair) You could have, like, the Kansas City Crackers, the Pittsburgh (inaudible)monkeys…

(to woman of colour in pink shirt)…the Houston Honkys, the Seattle Sambos…

Woman of colour in pink shirt: I have a serious problem with that.

Dwayne: So Redskin fine, Sambo no.

(to white man with beard) The Detroit Darkies? Would you support that?

White man with beard: Probably not.

Dwayne: Wait a minute, probably?

(to young blonde woman) Would you root for the team? Out loud?

Young, blonde woman: Out loud? Look at me.

Dwayne: (to first woman) Would you root for the Darkies?

Younger woman: No! Of course not! Are you kidding!

Dwayne: But I got all this Darkie merchandise! I’ve been rooting for the Darkies for years!

(visual changes to intro for the ASL: All-Slurs League)

(voiceover) My All-Slur League idea went over like a Klansman at a Nation of Islam meeting. The question is, what would these fans do if the team name gets dragged into the 21st century?

Dwayne:(to white man with beard) Would you still support the Washington football team if it was named something else?

White man with beard: They would have to come up with a good replacement.

Dwayne: The Washington Phone-Tappers.

(to younger man with dark hair) The Washington Filibusters. You  know when the filibusters come to town, brother, it’s going to be a long game!

(voiceover) But what would happen to their beloved fight song?

Young, blonde woman: (singing) Hail to the Redskins, Hail Victory. Braves on the warpath, fight for old D.C.

Dwayne: (singing) Give us our land back. And our dignity. Take away those Redskin names.

Together: Fight for old D.C.

(h/t Indian Country Today Media Network)

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