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by | October 4, 2013
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Friday Feminist Funny Film logoBollywood actor Kalki Koechlin and video jockey/model Juhi Pande star in this movie by Indian comedy collective All-India Backchod (backtalk), using satire to critique victim-blaming, rape culture and the suggestions and comments made to women in the wake of the Delhi gang rape trial. The YouTube page states:

Every sexual assault case in India inspires a string of stupid and hateful remarks against women. This is our response to those remarks.

Trigger Warning: discussion of and depictions of violence against women and sexual assault.

Transcript (after the jump):

Kalki Kochelin: Ladies, do you think rape is something men do out of a desire for control, empowered by years of patriarchy?  You’ve clearly been misled by the notion that women are people too. Because, let’s face it ladies, rape: it’s your fault. It all begins with what you wear. Scientific studies suggest that women who wear skirts are the leading cause of rape. Do you know why? Because men have eyes. In fact, here are some examples of provocative clothing that could cause rape (shows woman dressed in variety of outfits, with a red “x” appearing over each one).

Juhi Pande: Notice the one thing they all have in common? That’s right, all women. No women, no rape! Now some people might actually argue that crime is committed by men. And to these people I say, who gives birth to these men? Right again, it’s us. (attacker in black runs in and scuffles with her). It’s my fault.

Kalki: Indian culture provides for several progressive methods to counter rape. For example, the god-men prescribe “prayer”. Where you just refer to your attacker as prayer and voila, rape cancelled! Now… (mouth covered by men’s hands, she struggles and breaks away). Prayer! Ladies, this works every time.

Juhi: Another way women shamelessly propagate rape is by working late at night. Ladies, why work late and be independent? In fact, why work at all? That’s what husbands are for. Fun fact… (cut off by man’s hand covering her mouth).

Kalki: Powerful people have been spreading rumours that things apart from you can cause rape. For example, chow mein (caption reads: “chow mein leads to hormonal imbalance evoking an urge to indulge in such acts”). Chow mein is made in the kitchen. And who’s in the kitchen?

Juhi: Movies (caption reads: “Bollywood encourages women to abandon more demure clothing for ‘net stockings and miniskirt'”). And who titillates men on screen?

Kalki: And cell phones (caption: “Mobile phones are spoiling girls”). Cell phones are made for talking, and who talks a lot?

Juhi: In fact, to elucidate further, here is a pie chart (chart shows women leading cause in 90% of sexual assaults, men 10%). As you can see, women are a leading cause of 100% of all sexual assaults. Oh, I’m sorry, the math is wrong. Clearly this pie chart was made by a woman.

Kalki: Now before we go let’s not forget, if you’re tired of being humiliated by rape you can always go to the cops and be humiliated by them instead.

Cop: Madam, when rape was happen, were you with boys?

Kalki: No, no.

Cop: Why you went out without a boy’s protection?

Kalki: Actually there were a couple of my friends there.

Cop: See? You are with boys at night, what will happen. So, what did we learn today?

Kalki: It’s, it’s my fault? Thank you, officer, thank you. And lastly, ladies, stop seducing juveniles into raping you. They get let off easy and that just makes you a statutory rapist.

Juhi: And whose fault is that?

Kalki and Juhi: It’s your fault!

(compilation of many different women saying “It’s my fault”, one after another)

Kalki and Juhi: It’s your fault!



(h/t Ms. Magazine Blog)

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