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by | September 27, 2013
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Friday Feminist Funny Film logoI’m sorry everyone. I know I missed the last couple of weeks of Friday Feminist Funny Films. But I knew this couldn’t go another week, and then I was saved when the latest episode of BAMF Girls Club came out yesterday. Enjoy!

P.S. If you come across any funny feminist or other equality/social justice-related videos, send them my way for future FFFFs!

Transcript after the jump:

Voice-over: When Buffy, Hermione, Katniss, Lisbeth, Michonne and Bella move into one house, it’s an utter BAMF-gasm of awesomeness! It’s the BAMF Girls Club!

Buffy (interview): Okay, I’ve totally been waiting for this day for ages. We have our very own demon in the backyard. I’m totally going to slay it!

Buffy (on the phone): So, there’s a firedemon in the back yard. I’m getting the whole gang back together. No, I haven’t called Willow yet. She’s next. What do you mean you won’t sign the image release? Xander, that is so high maintenance! (hangs up)

Hermione: Did you say Willow was stopping by?

Buffy: You are so in love with her.

Hermione: I am not!

Buffy (interview): She so is.

Hermione (interview): I am not, but is Willow coming to visit?

Buffy (interview): No, so my usual scoobies are off-duty. But I’m totally a team-player so I’ll just have to make some of the roomies into team-players too. I mean Hermione’s already got the British wit and Wiccan thing covered. Now I just have to track down a Xander-type.

Michonne is just too violent. Lisbeth is too creepy. Katniss is always up in a tree, but Bella…I mean think about it for a sec: she follows me around, she doesn’t have any actual skills, and she’s super-funny. Well at least I laugh at her all the time.

Bella (picking feather off ground in the backyard): Hey guys, what’s with the feathers? Was it, like, a burning bird? That’s hot. Heh, pun.

Hermione: What if it wasn’t a demon at all? What if it’s a phoenix? I knew a phoenix named Fawkes once and…

Buffy: Fascinating. Listen up, scoobs. Here’s what I’ve learned so far in my observations of the backyard firedemon: it’s made of fire and it’s in the backyard.

Hermione: Excuse me, Buffy, but you’ve interrupted me. As I was saying, I’ve marked several interesting passages in Sonnets of a Sorcerer. If you turn to page 457…

Buffy: I don’t do the reading! I’m the one who gets stabby.

Hermione: Oh I think that’s quite evident that you’re the one who gets stabby.

Buffy: What is that supposed to mean?

Bella: Guys, what if we don’t have to kill the fire demon? What if we just, like, save it and then, like, love it?

(Hermione and Buffy pause, then go back to arguing)

Bella (interview): Maybe what it wants is just, like, a house, with, like, a white-hot picket fence and, like, a fire dog. Like a dalmatian.

(cut back to backyard, Hermione and Buffy still arguing)

Bella: Hey, hey guys. Does the firedemon have, like, flames? Because I think I see it.

(Hermione screams. She and Bella run away)

Buffy: Hermione? Give me your wand! Michonne took my…

Buffy (interview): All talk and no stake makes Buffy a dull girl. All Hermione wanted to do was read, ugh.

Hermione (reading on her bed): Here’s something we ought to try. Veliocuda.

(Michonne walking by in the hall looks like she disappears in green smoke)

Hermione: No, that doesn’t sound right.

Buffy: So I decided to confront the firedemon, at least get a good fight scene in. I know, right?

Bella: I love gardening.

Buffy: I wonder why this thing only comes out in the afternoon. I mean most demons are about nightlife.

Bella: Maybe you should just, like, spray it with water if you’re so set on slaying it.

Buffy: That’s not a bad idea.

Bella: But I still think maybe it could use just one good, strong…hug.

Buffy: It’s here! Thanks, Bella! (points hose at it) Suck water, demon!

Katniss (soaking wet): Buffy! What are you doing?

Buffy: Katniss! Why are you going all firedemon-y in the backyard?

Katniss: I’m working out the kinks in my girl on fire costume.

Buffy: Oh! Oops. Totes cute, by the way. Bye!

Bella: Hi, Katniss!

Katniss: Ugh. Cinna would die if he saw this.

(a message on a parachute falls from the sky. Katniss reads it)

Katniss: Forever 21 coupon? Peeta, I’m 18, duh!

(During end credits, Michonne gets up from hall floor, sees she’s grown a tail)

Michonne: Damn it, Granger! Not again!


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