“Our children are dying. That, my friends, is the truth.”

by | July 20, 2013
filed under Racism

Sociological Images re-posted Stacey Muhammad’s 2009 short documentary “I AM SEAN BELL, black boys speak” in solidarity with the African-American community after the recent acquittal of George Zimmerman. It is still, heartbreakingly, just as relevant today. The title quote is from an activist/artist named KRS One, interviewed in the film along with black boys and parents who explain their distrust of police and the personal and community pain caused by the criminal justice system’s violence against young black men.

Though Zimmerman was obviously not a police officer, there is a clear connection. The law in Florida gave him the ability to use the same lethal force as police officers and racism legitimated his choice to use it on Trayvon Martin. As one man interviewed above says, “It’s unfortunate that it has to happen over and over again for people to actually feel something about it.”


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