Ode to Feminism

by | May 22, 2013
filed under Feminism

by Matilda Branson

PMS, abortions, UTIs, thrush
Cramps and the pill, don’t forget the hot flush.
None of it’s sexy, none of it’s hot,
Most of it’s taboo – alrighty – the lot.
“You’re a feminist, then?” “Why do you hate men?”
“You’re armpits, under there, do you leave all the hair?”
She’s a slut and a bitch and a whore and a skank,
“She’s been with ’em all, and down there she stank.”
She’s easy and peasy, promiscuous and loose,
Stark contrast with “players”, “studs” (the modern-day Zeus).
I’m just so damn sick of having to justify,
To the ignorant and complacent- to explain why, why, why-
I’m a feminist – and no! It just ain’t a dirty old word,
It’s such a sweet concept, or haven’t you heard?
I believe that all children, boys and girls of all stations,
Deserve opportunities, health, safety, educations.
To wear what they want, to speak what they may,
To have a voice, a conscience!
To eat, love and pray.
“She walked down a dark alley, And then nothing happened.”
This is equality! When it occurs I’ll be gladdened.
Child marriage, FGM, dowry deaths, honour killings,
Maternal deaths, son preference, girls not worth a shilling.
Domestic violence, wage gaps, torture and rape,
Don’t tell me women’s rights aren’t cool or make some foul jape!
Empowered women are freakin’ awesome!
Empowered women are cute!
Feminism’s just so amazing – in Aussie slang: It’s just beaut.

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