Abortion Worldwide

by | October 10, 2012
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Guttmacher Institute Statsby Jarrah Hodge

This new video from the Guttmacher Institute gives us a picture of abortion rates around the globe. It reminds us of the toll lack of access to safe, legal abortion takes on women. It also points out that making abortion illegal or harder to get isn’t the way to reduce abortion rates.

As the video points out:

The best way to reduce the need for abortion is not by denying women access to safe and legal procedures, but by giving them the power to control their fertility and prevent unintended pregnancy. Today, 222 million women in the developing world want to avoid pregnancy but are not using a modern contraceptive.

The Harper government should take note: access to contraception and safe, legal abortions in Canada and around the world saves women’s lives.

The video is also available in Spanish and en fran├žais and you can read a transcript of the video here.

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