Video Responses Use Humour to Counter Ashton Kutcher’s Pop Chips Ad

by | May 9, 2012
filed under Racism

When you think Ashton Kutcher, I doubt the first word that jumps into your mind is “respectful”, but his recent ads for Pop Chips, in which he sports brownface makeup and attempts an Indian accent, may have hit a new low even for him. As Colorlines points out, the CEO of Pop Chips was forced to (sort of) apologize last week.

But luckily for those of us who were still not quite satisfied, a couple of folks have made some  clever video responses using humour to expose what was wrong about the ad. This first one is by Hasan Minhaj (warning: some NSFW language):

Second, check out “To Ashton Kutcher, Love Kimmy Patel” by and starring Puja Mohindra.


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