Vancouver Kids Pink Project 2: Born This Way

by | March 6, 2012
filed under Can-Con, LGBT

by Jarrah Hodge

For Pink Shirt Day last week, David Lloyd George Elementary and Churchill Secondary got together with eight other schools across Metro Vancouver and one in New York to put together this Pink Shirt Day dance to Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way”. It is awesomesauce.

Of course our old friends (sarcasm) at Burnaby Parents’ Voice had to protest the songand they even tried to get the government to step in and cancel the shoot. “The lyrics contain numerous slogans declaring Lady Gaga’s world view, which are offensive to most religions as well as atheism,” they stated in the Burnaby Now. Can I just say if they manage to stay together until the next municipal election, I look f0rward to them being shut out of school board a second time?

But anyway, until then, let’s just focus on the kids, who I’ve gotta say are pretty great dancers:


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