Oscars Miss Women Directors

by | February 25, 2012
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Something to keep in mind if you’re watching the Oscars tomorrow night. This montage from Women and Hollywood shows the correlation between the demographics of Oscar voters (older white men) and the choices they make in the Best Director Academy Award.

According to their statement accompanying the video’s release:

Because the world is paying attention to Hollywood in a bigger way this week there is an opportunity to raise awareness about gross inequities in the business.  So we here at Women and Hollywood are taking this opportunity to say that THERE NEED TO BE MORE WOMEN CONSIDERED FOR BEST DIRECTOR.

So we put together this video (it’s only a little over a minute) highlighting some of the women directed films from this past year that were passed over.  We’re not trying to say that all of them should have been nominated (though we think a couple of them should have), what we are trying to say is that we have to find a way to get women directors into these conversations.

(h/t The Mary Sue)


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