Our Top Posts of 2011

by | December 31, 2011
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Here are the top 10 posts from Gender Focus over the past year. I’m giving 2 lists – one based on total post views (WordPress stats) and one based on how much a post was shared (AddThis analytics) so it doesn’t overly advantage posts from early 2011. I’m only including posts published in 2011. It’s important to remember that lots of hits or even shares don’t necessarily mean a post is the best – many posts get more hits because they’re posted at the time their subject matter is big in the news. The more people Googling that subject, the more will view and possibly share it. This is just a fun way to quantify some of our post data to share with you.

Top Posts (Total Views)

  1. Edmonton Salon Ads Cross a Major Line
  2. Mo Hair, Mo Problems
  3. Twitter Guide for Feminists
  4. Federal Election 2011: Questions to Ask Your Candidate
  5. Topless Controversy at Toronto Beer Fest
  6. Occupy Wall Street Comes to Canada October 15
  7. The Julyna Controversy
  8. Gender Focus Contributors List Best of 2010
  9. Keeping Abreast of Politics
  10. Why Study the “Unimportant”?

Top Posts (Shares)

  1. Edmonton Salon Ads Cross a Major Line
  2. H&M Must Stop Irresponsible Advertising
  3. I’m Sick of Being Sick of Rape Culture
  4. Geek Girl Con: Media Literacy
  5. Fist-of-Cuffs: A Response to “Toronto, City of Sissies”
  6. Keeping Abreast of Politics
  7. Niagara Anti-Choice Group Launches Christmas Billboard Campaign
  8. Sexy Grandmas Sell Canadian Molasses
  9. The Awesomeness of The Magic School Bus
  10. Twitter Guide for Feminists