Sexy Grandmas Sell Canadian Molasses

by | December 17, 2011
filed under Can-Con, Feminism, Pop Culture

Canadian molasses company Crosby’s has a new ad campaign that’s sure to get some attention. Their “Bake it Like Grandma” campaign features print ads (example pictured at left) of older women with innuendo-laced phrases like: “All the men in town would do anything to get into grandma’s pantry”. You can see most of them at The Mary Sue.

Some people might be concerned that they used legitimate old photos and didn’t get the consent of those pictured, but The Mary Sue reassures us they likely didn’t use grandmothers’ pictures without permission. In fact they’ve also got a series of videos featuring “Grandma Fancy”, which makes it clear this was part of an overall campaign:

I found the ads funny but I was curious as to why. The only answer I could come up with is that they go against the idea we have in our society that seniors are asexual and that particularly our grandmothers are people who don’t like to talk about sex. This fits with my grandma, but many have rightly pointed point out that it’s incorrect to treat seniors as asexual beings and that the assumption inhibits seniors’ sexual health.

Has anyone seen these ads around? The videos are too long to be televised so I’m thinking they’re just getting those out virally, but does anyone know if the print ads are running anywhere? What are your thoughts? Do you think the campaign is funny? Do you find it offensive? What do you think they’re trying to say?



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