Speaking on the Feminist Generation Gap

by | December 14, 2011
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Last week I had the pleasure of speaking on a “Women of Distinction” panel as part of the BC NDP Women’s Rights Committee’s convention. The panel was made up of MLA Diane Thorne, anti-poverty activist Tish Lakes, BC Federation of Labour Director Jessie Uppal, and Anastasia Gaisenok of the Justice Education Society. The topic of the panel was a look at what the feminist movement has achieved and where we have yet to go.

I was tagged as the “young activist” on the panel, which irked me a teeny bit, but I decided to own it and talk about overcoming the feminist generation gap. The point I tried to make was about the need for intergenerational dialogue and open-mindedness about social media and new tactics for activism, rather than ageism and stereotyping from both sides of the generation gap.

Here is audio of my part of the panel in case you’re interested. FYI the references at the beginning are to the trailer of Miss Representation, which we’d screened just before the panel.

Note: if the embedded audio isn’t working in your browser you can also find the file here: https://www.gender-focus.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/Memo.mp3.


(Photo via Wikimedia Commons)

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