Fair Ontario Campaign Aims to Close the Gender Pay Gap

by | September 23, 2011
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With the Ontario provincial election day looming on October 6, LeadNow.ca has teamed up with Ontario’s Equal Pay Coalition in a new campaign to end the gender pay gap. From their website:

“As we get ready to head to the polls, candidates aren’t talking about the fact that Ontario has one of the highest gender pay gaps in the world. Women working in Ontario make 29% less than their male peers. The gender pay gap affects all of us, men and women, and this election is the perfect time to start working together again for a fair Ontario.”

FAIR Ontario is pushing provincial election candidates to adopt a plan that’s Funded, Accountable, Integrated, and Real, including funding enforcement through the Pay Equity Commission and Tribunal, restoring the Pay Equity Legal Clinic, increasing the province’s minimum wage, and setting timelines and goals to ensure accountability.

Here’s the campaign video:

What I like most about their website is that they tackle the argument that we can’t afford pay equity head-on:

“Pay equity is not a privilege or a frill. It is the law. The right of those doing “women’s work” to be paid on the same basis as those doing “men’s work” is a fundamental human right of Ontario women which is guaranteed by provincial human rights laws and by international commitments made by Canada to ensure women’s equality in employment.

If you’re in Ontario and want to support the campaign, visit their website and send a message to your candidates for MPP.


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