The Bizarre HST/Porn Advertising Connection

by | July 19, 2011
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If you’re in BC right now there’s no way you’ve missed seeing the dueling stickmen ads around the current HST referendum.The Vote Yes (anti-HST) ads from the BC Federation of Labour at were created to parody the supposedly neutral but really pro-HST ads produced by the government for their site

But this article isn’t actually about the pros or cons of the HST; weirdly enough, it’s about porn. The government’s ad campaign is running a $5 million tab, some of which went to a company called KOKO Productions. Now KOKO is a Vancouver studio that’s done a lot of advertising work, but a quick look at their website’s advertised sample reels and their YouTube Page shows one of their past clients was Amour Adult Entertainment. For three days the HST videos and the ads for the porn company ran side by side on their YouTube page (as per screen cap above) until some folks drew attention to it on Twitter and the HST videos were quickly taken down from the YouTube channel, leaving only the Amour ads.

So onto the Amour ads themselves, because as you might expect they’re pretty degrading to women. So trigger warning for that, but they are SFW.

This one’s probably the worst, in which we see an audition where a more average-looking brunette actress gets passed over for a blonde woman who can’t act but is very chesty.  The tagline: “Amour: You Won’t Watch for the Acting”:

These ones go even further promoting the idea that what turns men on is what women look like on the outside, not their capabilities or what’s in their heads. These ads emphasize that the women in Amour’s movies not only can’t act, but are also supremely ditzy:

I wasn’t a fan of the government spending $5 million on ads promoting the HST to begin with, but if possible I’m even less thrilled knowing they could’ve easily seen that the same company produced these offensive Amour ads and still decided to go with them for the contract.


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