Browser Alphabet

by | June 4, 2011
filed under Feminism

I got this idea from not martha, one of my favourite craft blogs. The idea is to get a snapshot of your web activity by seeing what sites your browser suggests on auto-complete when you type in each letter of the alphabet. Like not martha’s Megan, some of the results suprised me (no Facebook or Twitter, for example), and it doesn’t reflect many of the sites I read every day on RSS. But I thought it was interesting nonetheless and encourage you to try it if you’re curious or bored.

A: Artmind – One of my other favourite art/craft blogs. I am determined to try out their idea for homemade scratch-off lottery-style tickets.

B: Bitch Media – Not surprised by this result. I’ve been a Bitch Magazine subscriber for 3 years and I’m currently writing a guest blog series for their site.

C: Cynical-C – a site with a good variety of content. I started reading it because of its segment making fun of one-star Amazon reviews of classic books and movies, but it’s also great for keeping an eye on the wackiness of the Christian right.

D: Dreamhost – My web host, which I am so far pretty happy with.

E: Etsy – Too many cute crafts…

F: – Where I catch up on the latest episode of Top Chef Canada and check out new recipes.

G: Gender Focus – Quelle surprise

H: Hootsuite – This kind of explains why Twitter didn’t show up. I lurves Hootsuite for all my Twitter monitoring/updating needs.

I: Instructables – Immense resource of ideas for DIY projects.

J: Joe.My.God – Good American LGBT blog that always has the latest headlines.

K: Klout – I get pretty into analytics and Klout is quite addictive/competitive. I have to say going from “Explorer” to “Specialist” was one of the most exciting things to happen to me in the last month.

L: Lunapads – Awesome Vancouver-based company that sells reusable cotton menstrual pads, amazingly comfortable Lunapanties, Divacups, and related stuff.

M: The Mary Sue – Great resource for geek girls.

N: Neatorama – My source for random awesomeness.

O: Our Turn: Feminism for Newbies – The title says it all. This site has lots of great material for people just being introduced to feminism.

P: Plastic Manners – An enlightening eco-blog from Vancouverite Taina about our reliance on plastic and her daily interactions with plastics.

Q: Queerty – Queerty (“Free of an agenda. Except the gay one”) almost died this year but thankfully it’s back and continues to be a key source of the latest LGBT news.

R: Racialicious – Awesome analysis on everything to do with race. I particularly like their pop culture coverage and book reviews.

S: Sports: Figure Skating at CBC – My favourite sport! Where I go when I’m feeling bitter that everyone around me is watching hockey and I’m the only one who cares that Patrick Chan won the figure skating world championship this year.

T: Tenth to the Fraser – A great local blog from New Westminster, BC, where I live. I am also a very infrequent contributor to the site.

U: Urban Dictionary – Words I have looked up recently include: “aggro”, “otaku”, and “scrabble”. I am so not hip to the times, slang-wise, so Urban Dictionary is a big help.

V: Vancouver Observer – Another local site to which I am an occasional contributor. I originated the “Gender Files” column at the VO and they’ve got tons of commentary, news and events on Vancouver happenings.

W: Wikimedia Commons – When I’m looking for a picture for this blog, I often turn to the huge database at Wikimedia Commons to find images that have been licensed for common use.

X: – Canada’s gay and lesbian news.

Y: YWCA Canada – Runs many great programs across Canada dealing with important issues like violence against women.

Z: Online with Zoe – Feminist blog by Zoe Nicholson which I came across recently through Feminist Fatale.