10 Things I’ve Learned from Twitter

by | May 1, 2011
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My friend and former bandmate Josh has an awesome blog called Ten Things I’ve Learned. He asked me to do up a guest post and here’s what I came up with. You can find the original post here. And just a reminder that you can find me on Twitter @jarrahpenguin.

Guestpost #53: Jarrah Hodge – Ten things I’ve learned from Twitter

  1. Twitter is not just about people telling you that they’re shopping for socks or eating a ham sandwich. If you’re only tweeting about the mundane activities of your life that have no relation to your followers, you’re doing it wrong. Twitter is about carrying on conversations, not announcing your schedule.
  2. However, if the socks or ham sandwiches are particularly notable, it’s fine to tweet about it! Were you shopping when you came across hand-dyed, locally-crafted toe socks? If you have a lot of crafty, environmentally-conscious, sock-obsessed followers, they might appreciate the tip. I post pictures of crafts I make and people often ask how they can do the craft at home.
  3. Synonyms for “tweet” like “chirp” are NOT acceptable. I went to a Vancouver-area “tweetup” and the guy next to me posted the following message on Twitter: “Chirping away at #YVRtwestival”. The immediate reaction of the people reading the back channel on the projected screens around the room was collective shock and a desire to shun the person who dared use the word “chirp”.
  4. Keith Olbermann (formerly of Countdown on MSNBC) is a jerk. He blocked me and a bunch of other feminist twitter-users for saying he should correct some factual errors made by Michael Moore in a guest interview. This was five months ago and I’m still blocked from following him. Not that I’d want to anyway, because he’s a jerk.
  5. Anyone can be an opinion leader, at least for a brief period of time. If what you’re saying has value to your followers, you can find your message spread far and wide to people you’ve never had contact with before.
  6. Try not to post stupid things online rather than trying to keep the stuff you’re posting private. Privacy is a myth in social networking, especially on Twitter. Sure, if you protect your tweets they don’t show up on Google, but your followers can still see them. Unless you trust ALL your followers to keep your tweets to themselves, you can’t expect they won’t get out. So think before you post that insult about your supervisor or that embarrassing photo of you from a friend’s drunken party.
  7. If you want to see the stats of clicks on a bit.ly URL, just add the “+” sign to the end of the URL in your address bar. This is the coolest thing in the entire world. I am not exaggerating.
  8. Everything is made better when put in Hulk-speak. And it’s the only time you can get away with using all caps. Consider the following from @FeministHulk: “HULK SMASH HEGEMONY! HULK SMASH OPPRESSION! HULK SMASH TILL HULK GET DIZZY AND FALL DOWN! HULK HEART SMASH SO HARD.”
  9. You never get over that warm fuzzy feeling you get the first time someone like Wil Wheaton re-tweets you.
  10. People care that you’re transparent about your motives and honest about who you are. This is true in the world outside of Twitter, too.


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