Questions for your Candidates IV

by | April 13, 2011
filed under Can-Con, Feminism, Politics

We still have some big issues left to touch on: education, international relations, economy/jobs, and food security. If you think I’ve missed any or if you have suggestions for questions, please comment below!


1. What are your plans to make post-secondary education more affordable and accessible for Canadians?

2. How will you tackle the post-secondary education gap for First Nations people, people with disabilities, and low-income individuals?

International Relations

1. Unsafe abortion is a leading cause of maternal mortality in developing countries, yet the Conservative government refused to include safe abortion in their G8 maternal and child health initiative last year. If elected, will your government fund safe abortion in developing countries?

2. Canada has never met their UN commitment to put 0.7% of our GNI to official development assistance and foreign aid. That places us at a ranking of 18th out of 23 donor countries. Will you and your party commit to increasing foreign aid to meet the UN target of 0.7% of GNI? If so, what are your targets and timelines?

3. What is your vision for the role of Canada’s military forces in the world?

4. Last month, Parliament passed a bill to make it easier to export life-saving HIV/AIDS medication to developing nations, but this bill died when the election was called. When Parliament re-convenes will you support this bill upon its reintroduction?


1. How will you support individuals (mostly women) who are faced with caring for elderly relatives, sometimes at the same time as caring for children?

2. Older women on their own have one of the highest poverty rates in Canada. What are your party’s proposals for strengthening benefits for seniors?

3. In 2009 the Conservative government passed the Public Sector Equitable Compensation Act, which makes it more difficult for public sector workers to make challenges based on unfair pay, and by removing pay equity complaints from the jurisdiction of the Human Rights Tribunal, effectively means that pay equity is no longer a human right in Canada. Will you and your party support changes tothe Public Sector Equitable Compensation Act to ensure public sector workers are not subject to pay discrimination?

4. How will you make sure human rights, labour rights, and public social services are protected in future trade deals?

Food Security

1. Women are disproportionately affected by global food insecurity. What will you and your party do to support aid for agriculture and food security in developing nations without our exports jeopardizing the activities of local food producers in those nations?

2. According to Greenpeace, Canada and the US are the only industrialized countries that don’t mandate labelling of genetically engineered food. If elected, what steps will you and your party take to regulate genetically modified food. Will you support mandatory labelling of GE products?

3. How will you work to improve our system of local, environmentally sustainable food production?