Questions for your Candidate II

by | April 7, 2011
filed under Can-Con, Feminism, Politics

Yesterday I suggested questions on reproductive rights, LGBT rights, childcare, and Aboriginal justice that you should think about asking your candidate during this federal election. Today I’m taking on three more key issues: health, democracy/ethics, and public safety. Again, I’d love to hear your suggestions of questions to ask your potential future Members of Parliament, so please post them in the questions below.


1. Problems with health care for seniors disproportionately impact women, as patients and caregivers. What are your party’s plans to ensure access to quality homecare and long-term care for seniors?

2. What will your party do to help people who are caring for elderly relatives in their homes? 

3. How are you and your party planning to deal with shortages of health care professionals across Canada, which especially impact rural areas?


1. Recently Ms. Magazine Blog came out with a compelling argument for how preserving net neutrality is key for feminist and women’s media. Will you and your party commit to preserving net neutrality in Canada? Will you also commit to preventing internet and cell phone companies from using metering to make internet access less affordable for ordinary Canadians?

2. Many Canadians feel our first-past-the-post system of electing MPs is outdated. Governments that have implemented systems of proportional representation (PR) elect greater percentages of women candidates and candidates from other underrepresented groups. Do you and your party support moving to a PR system in future elections?

3. What steps will you and your party take to restore accountability and public confidence in the government after ethical scandals under the Liberals and Conservatives, including the recent finding of the Harper government being in contempt of Parliament?

Public Safety

1. Violence against women costs Canada $4 billion annually. In the last decade, 71% of spousal homicides committed with a firearm involved a shotgun or a rifle. Long guns are also used to intimidate and control women in abusive relationships. The Long Gun Registry has proved itself a useful tool for police to fight domestic violence, yet the Conservative government seems determined to dismantle the registry against the wishes of police and women’s organizations. If elected, will you commit to supporting the continued existence of the Long Gun Registry?

2. Last November the Harper government halted gender reassignment surgery for trans inmates, despite the procedure being legally recognized as a medical necessity for some trans patients. Will your party support resuming  GRS for trans inmates in federal prisons?

3. Does your party have any plans to reform the justice system to introduce more restorative justice initiatives?

4. The Conservatives have taken legal action in the past to try to shut down Vancouver’s supervised injection site, despite its clear positive impact on public health in the Downtown Eastside. Do you and your party support InSite and other harm reduction initiatives?