Twitter Guide for Feminists

by | February 27, 2011
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by Jarrah Hodge

Note: My updated guide as of September 2012 is available here.

For the two years I’ve been on Twitter, I’ve found it to be a really great place for keeping track of news about gender issues and networking with other feminists.

But for new users, it can be difficult to use Twitter effectively. I often hear people complaining that “all it is is people talking about what they ate for lunch”. I can also see feminists maybe getting turned off given some of the offensive hashtags that end up becoming trending topics, like #rulesforgirls and #ihatewomenwho.

Although I admit I tweet a fair bit about what I’m eating, there’s a lot more to Twitter than the mundane. I’ve tried to list the top Twitter accounts for feminists to follow in a variety of categories, in no particular order. I follow almost 300 related Twitter accounts and I found it difficult to narrow it down. I’d love to hear in the comments below which accounts you think should be added.

To follow the complete list of feminist accounts I follow, check out the list page here. And follow me and the latest from Gender Focus @jarrahpenguin.

Top Hashtags to Keep an Eye On


Feminist Media/News

Margaret Atwood




Canadian Organizations


US Organizations


Canadian Individuals


American Individuals


Global Feminist Focused


Feminist Blogs





Empowering Girls


Making Activism Fun


Who else is a feminist must-follow on Twitter?



  • Hey Jarrah! This is a great list – Would you consider adding @thelinecampaign under US Feminist Orgs or Empowering Girls? We are a multi-media movement raising awareness about violence against women, rape culture, and sexual empowerment. More about our work:

  • jarrahpenguin

    Hi Nancy,

    Sorry about missing you! I do follow you guys and don’t know how you got left off. I’ve added you under Empowering Girls :)

  • Ben

    Fabulous list! I’d love too see an allies section, but now I’m just being picky! Thanks for making this : D

    • jarrahpenguin

      Thanks for the suggestion. I’d be intersted to hear which accounts you’d pick for that list.

      • Ben

        Unfortunately, I can’t think of many allies’ twitter accounts. I only know of websites.
        But,@MenCanStopRape is where I would start on twitter!

        • jarrahpenguin

          Good call – another one off the top of my head that I follow is @whiteribbon – for the White Ribbon Campaign Canada.

  • Another great suggestion: @AWHL – Assaulted Women’s Helpline (Canadian VAW org very active on twitter).

  • Hi! Thank you for this amazing list! This is a shameless plug, but my identical twin and I are doctoral students in media studies and body image activists who are just getting started on Twitter @Takebackbeauty. We speak/teach media literacy that helps guys and girls recognize and reject harmful media messages that keep us from getting on to anything and everything more important. We post shorter version of all of our latest research at and tweet it all, including major analyses on Victoria’s Secret, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, the Body Mass Index, women’s health and fitness magazines, Gossip Girl, etc. Finally, we feature strategies for rejecting dangerous ideals for both sexes and empowering ourselves in authentic ways. It’s good stuff and we believe in this powerful work! Thanks for letting me plug this work :)

  • Hi, Thanks for the list. See Jane Do (@SeeJaneDo) seems like it would also be a perfect fit. We are a social change multimedia organization that captures the stories of everyday women doing extraordinary things for the planet. Our radio program is featured on KVMR and we are the producers of the Passion Into Action Women’s Conference. Thanks!

  • Fantastic list! I would definitely add @Womens_eNews for feminist news, and @glaad for LGBT news! Thanks for all the suggestions!

  • Great list! My hubby hates twitter because he doesn’t think anything important can be said in 140 characters, but with all the revolutions and uprisings lately, both in the US and overseas, I think Twitter has proved itself as an importan part of social media, networking and journalism. I use it to keep up on reproductive rights issues (#prochoice!) and body acceptance.

  • Thank you so much for including Pigtail Pals and my work in the company of such great women and groups! This is a fabulous list and I look forward to sharing and promoting the work by the individuals on it.

  • Wonderful, thank you! For those interested, please follow me as well. I am a feminist cartoonist and blogger:!/lizadonnelly

  • This is wonderful!! There are so many important twitter accounts to follow that I am sure it’s impossible to include them all. In the next segment (another shameless plug) I would include a section on Twitter accounts/feminist activists who speak on women in academia (i.e. @refusesilence). But this list is beautiful! Thanks for including so many friends.

  • Wonderfully comprehensive! I’ll just add that the Fem2.0 blog actually grew out of the #fem2 hashtag that you mention. You can find us at and on Twitter at @fem2pt0. Thanks for following!

    • jarrahpenguin

      Thanks for the background – I wasn’t sure which came first!

  • Thank you so much for adding The Daily Femme to the list! This is a great go to for following on twitter–really appreciate it!

  • jarrahpenguin

    Thanks to everyone for the great suggestions! I’ve added all of them to my feminist list on Twitter.

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  • F.

    If I may suggest so, I also follow:

    Feminist Media/News & Blogs
    @womensweb (an Indian feminist network)

    @_ParveenShakir_ (Pakistani poet)

    Global Organizations
    @MEMINI_remember (“Remembering Victims of Honour Killings Worldwide.”)
    @WomenUndrSiege (“a Women’s Media Center project documenting & advocating against sexualized violence in conflict.”)

    @gaysifamily (South Asian gay community site)

    Empowering Girls
    @AVAprojects (“NGO working to reduce the marginalization of women & young people of Middle Eastern & South Asian descent.”)
    @WAFLahore (Lahore-based Pakistani feminist lobby group)

    Pakistani Individuals (Yes, there are feminists in Pakistan too, and they could do with more people to hear their voice)
    @Asma_Jahangir (Feminist, human rights lawyer and former president of the Pakistani Supreme Court Bar Association)
    @marvisirmed (Activist for gender and religious equality)
    @NabihaMeher (Feminist blogger and columnist)
    @tazeen (Feminist journalist and blogger)
    @oil_is_opium (Feminist blogger)
    @NiceMangos (Feminist blogger who runs a sexuality blog by the same name)
    @mehreenkasana (Feminist, media student and blogger)
    @awaisaftab (Feminist and philosophy blogger)
    @usmannrana (Feminist & LGBTQ blogger+activist, currently a student)
    @eccentricusman (Teenage feminist & political blogger)

    Other Individuals
    @IBlame (American radical feminist blogger)
    @monaeltahawy (Egyptian-American feminist and journalist)

  • Why is @AudreyHuntley’s account suspended and does she have a new twitter handle?

    • Jarrah Hodge

      Hi Samrah – thanks for catching this. I corrected it to her new handle: @NoM0reSilence