Twitter Guide for Feminists

by | February 27, 2011
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by Jarrah Hodge

Note: My updated guide as of September 2012 is available here.

For the two years I’ve been on Twitter, I’ve found it to be a really great place for keeping track of news about gender issues and networking with other feminists.

But for new users, it can be difficult to use Twitter effectively. I often hear people complaining that “all it is is people talking about what they ate for lunch”. I can also see feminists maybe getting turned off given some of the offensive hashtags that end up becoming trending topics, like #rulesforgirls and #ihatewomenwho.

Although I admit I tweet a fair bit about what I’m eating, there’s a lot more to Twitter than the mundane. I’ve tried to list the top Twitter accounts for feminists to follow in a variety of categories, in no particular order. I follow almost 300 related Twitter accounts and I found it difficult to narrow it down. I’d love to hear in the comments below which accounts you think should be added.

To follow the complete list of feminist accounts I follow, check out the list page here. And follow me and the latest from Gender Focus @jarrahpenguin.

Top Hashtags to Keep an Eye On


Feminist Media/News

Margaret Atwood




Canadian Organizations


US Organizations


Canadian Individuals


American Individuals


Global Feminist Focused


Feminist Blogs





Empowering Girls


Making Activism Fun


Who else is a feminist must-follow on Twitter?