Edmonton Ad Campaign Targets Rape Myths

by | December 1, 2010
filed under Feminism, Pop Culture

I love this new campaign from SAVE (Sexual Assault Voices of Edmonton) working with the Edmonton Police, to target drug and alcohol-facilitated sexual assaults, which were recently reported to be on the rise in Edmonton. The “Don’t Be That Guy” campaign is targeted to males age 18-24 and uses direct statements to get the message across that date rape is not okay – that it’s a crime and will be treated as such by police.

The ads are jarring and a bit disturbing, like the one featuring a woman passed out on a couch surrounded by liquor bottles and the tagline: “Just because she isn’t saying no…Doesn’t mean she’s saying yes.” But I’d argue there’s no other effective way to get the message across. The statistics on these types of sexual assault are alarming and we still hear the same disgusting exuses. Too often date and acquaintance rapes are treated as less serious offenses than stranger rapes. Too often women are blamed for “asking for it” and this campaign puts the onus for date rape back where it belongs: on perpetrators.


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