Sh*t My Roommate Says – Take Deux

by | July 2, 2010
filed under Feminism

All right. Since the first edition was so popular, here’s take two of Sh*t My Roommate Says:

Roommate: That guy on The Bachelor looks like that guy who was on The Apprentice…the politician.

Me: Which one?

Roommate: The one who was the Governor of Illinois? Roblow LeTacovich?

Roommate: Dennis Hopper died.

Me: I know! Sad!

Roommate: I don’t actually know who he is.

Me: Yeah, me neither.

Me: That wasn’t very coherent.

Friend: I don’t promise coherency.

Friend: That’s so cool that you’re a twin. What kind are you?

Friend #2: What do you mean?

Friend: You know. Fraternal, or what’s the other kind…paternal?

Roommate: I can’t read this box of tea. It’s like in Indian or something.

Me: Um, that’s French…and there’s English on the other side.

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