Sh*t my Roommate Says

by | June 19, 2010
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Because I didn’t have a FFFF this Friday I’m sharing some interesting conversations I’ve had with my roommate and friends over the past little while.

(at a figure skating competition)

Friend: This is really cool!

Me: I know. Today we’re just watching the Juniors but I’m really excited because tomorrow I’m going to see the Seniors for Ice Dancing.

Friend: They have figure skating for seniors? Isn’t that dangerous?

(At the New York Museum of Natural History front desk)

Me: I’m a student

Clerk: Ok. What’s your zip code?

Me: (surprised) I need to know a code?

Clerk: Your zip code?

Me: Is that something they give to students here?

Roommate: I wish I could go help on the oil spill.

Me: I know. You just feel so helpless watching.

Roommate: But also I’d get to see cool new animals! Maybe they’d let me clean a beluga!

Me: Um, I don’t think there are belugas in the Gulf of Mexico!

Roommate: Well I don’t know where this thing is!

Me: Well right now they’re broadcasting this show from Louisiana.

Roommate: Wait, Louisiana has a water border? I always thought it was in the middle!

Me: Like Kansas?

Roommate: If that’s a trick question I’m not answering!

(at the US Capitol Visitor Centre)

Me: I’m trying to figure out who most of these statues are.

Friend: Look at that one by the entrance (points to a statue of a girl next to a water pump).

Me: Yeah. That’s Alice in Wonderland.

Friend: I’m pretty sure it’s Helen Keller.

Me: Oh. That makes more sense.

Me: I don’t have anything wrong with people who are polyamorous, but I’m not sure I want to be in a relationship with someone who’s really adamant about it.

Roommate: What do you have against people who can write with both hands?


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