Spring Book List 2010

by | May 25, 2010
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Here is the list of books I’ve read this spring, along with mini-reviews of approximately 2 sentences each.

Books from my “I should really read that” list:

Light Reading

I’m practically an expert on Swedish mystery novels now that I’ve made it through all of Håkan Nesser’s books, most of Henning Mankell’s, and now all but one of Åke Edwardson’s Inspector Winter novels.

Random Other Reads

Now I’m digging into The Family by Jeff Sharlet and In Spite of Myself, memoirs by Christopher Plummer, but I’m having back surgery in June and will be off work for 1-2 weeks, so if anyone has any recommendations for that time, post them in the comments below!

P.S. If you’ve read this far you’ll probably like Bookshelf Porn (don’t worry; it’s definitely safe for work).


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