Random Round-Up: April 23, 2010

by | April 23, 2010
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Today’s round-up is a little more random than usual, starting with a mention that today is Shakespeare’s birthday and Geekosystem has 5 Geeky Ways to Celebrate. This is right up my alley as a Shakespeare/literature nerd. As far asking if Shakespeare was a feminist, debate rages on and the jury’s still out. But I’ll leave it at acknowledging that he created some pretty awesome women characters, my favourite being Portia in The Merchant of Venice.

For my fellow Gleeks, bloggers have been weighing in on this week’s Madonna-themed Glee ep. Alyx at Bitch Magazine has some good reasons for not being very impressed, but I thought the key factor was that the message about empowering and respecting women was accessible. And as Melissa at Women & Hollywood pointed out, it was also just really fun to watch.

Then on a less fun note, I wanted to mention a few un-cool stories that really should be read by those who argue that women in North America have achieved equality and therefore we don’t need feminism:

A woman in tech, with degrees from Stanford and Harvard, will still be told her business cards should read “Mom,” get shown naked pictures by potential investors, and asked if her husband’s libido is affected by his biking hobby.

Now these are all US stories, but the same ideas are around here in Canada. I’m not saying everything’s terrible for all women. Many women, especially straight, white, middle-to-upper class able-bodied women have a lot of advantages and privileges (including me!). But this week these stories reminded me I can’t take the rights women have won for granted. And I also need to remember that women’s equality cannot be achieved without achieiving equality for all women by also tackling racism, homophobia, class inequality, and ableism. So anyway, there’s still lots to do.

In other news, I’ve updated the blogroll in the right-hand column, so check out the new additions.

And I’ll finish off back on a more random/fun note with a link to a website where you can print off your own map envelopes. As a crafter and someone who collects stationery, I thought this was pretty wicked.


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