I Asked God. She is Pro-Choice

by | March 13, 2010
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by E. Cain

“Silent No More” is a pro-life organization of the religious right which aims to discourage women from having abortions.

This organization was invited to my university (in the middle of International Women’s Week) by the pro-life campus club. Their presentation, entitled the “Abortion Monologues,” took place in the middle of the student union building – a busy area with many students walking by. There was a small crowd made up of mostly elderly women and a few students (mostly male). Three middle aged women stood on the stage, two held up large signs which read ‘I regret my abortion’ and they took turns sharing graphic testimonials about their personal experiences with abortion.

This is harmful. Just imagine the damage that could have been done if a student happened to walk by who may have had an abortion or was struggling with that difficult decision.

This group is also extremely manipulative and I was shocked at their tactics. They were actually presenting themselves as a non-judgemental support group for women, complete with a 1-800 help line number.

Pro-life organizations such as “Silent No More” are aware that far too many young women are ill-informed when it comes to sexual health – in fact, they count on it. They are known for spreading factually incorrect information, sometimes even downright lies. Take for example, a brochure being handed out at the event called ‘Condom Sense.’ It claimed that use of condoms causes sexually transmitted diseases. This is unacceptable and has no place on a university campus.

Fortunately, the university Women’s Centre was out in full force at this event with a great group of volunteers, as well as pro-choice signs & posters. They sent a very strong and effective message that the propaganda and misinformation propagated by “Silent No More” and the anti-choice movement has no place on our campus.

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