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by | January 11, 2010
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My writing got a bit derailed by an emergency root canal a couple days ago, but here are links I hadn’t posted yet to my recent articles on other sites:

About-FaceIt’s Complicated: When middle-aged woman’s fancies turn to thoughts of lust”

This is an article I mentioned I was submitting in response to a piece by Daphne Merkin in New York Times Magazine entitled “Can Anybody Make a Movie for Women?”

To write this article I had to actually go see It’s Complicated, the Nancy Meyers’ Christmas romantic comedy starring Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin. Despite the fact I mostly stick up for it in the above column, the ostentatious wealth of all the characters got really annoying. My mom also suggested I mention one of the many plot weaknesses: why is the daughter looking at a wedding cake catalogue when her mom owns a bakery? But like the title of movie, feminist movie reviewing is also complicated.

The Gender Files (The Vancouver Observer): “The Politics of Sex Toys”

As I mentioned briefly before the holidays, MP Carolyn Bennett has been calling on the Conservative Health Minister to regulate the chemicals found in sex toys. I talked to representatives of Vancouver-based Womyns’Ware and The Art of Loving to see what they thought about Dr. Bennett’s proposal and to get advice for Vancouverites on how to make sure the sex toys they’re buying are safe in the meantime.


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