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by | September 15, 2009
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Here’s a random collection of the entertaining videosĀ  I’ve been watching and cool online articles I’ve been checking out this week:

1. Wil Wheaton (whom you may know as Wesley Crusher) is coming out with a book of his often hilarious reflections and memories on Season 1 of Star Trek: The Next Generation. It’s going to be called Memories of the Future and you can catch podcast previews of the book here. If you aren’t crying laughing at this excerpt from Encounter at Farpoint Part II you probably aren’t a Trekkie.

2. Cool Rachel Maddow segment on some satirical protesters at the 9-12 rally: Billionaires for Wealthcare

3. Via Vanessa at Feministing: Bill Maher jokes about choking Tila Tequila.

Said Maher:

“New rule: stop acting surprised someone choked Tila Tequila! The surprise is that someone hasn’t choked this bitch sooner.”

And I don’t give a rat’s ass what actually happened with San Diego Charger Shawne Merriman that night; where the charges are true or not, it doesn’t make jokes about violence against women acceptable.

Agreed, Vanessa. Bill Maher doesn’t do the left any credit by making misogynist jokes.

4. PhD Comics – This wicked comic strip about life in academia includes such gems as this:

5. ScoutingNY is a great blog about all the little interesting things you might not notice around New York City. “Scout” will take you to archaological digs on Governor’s Island, through the alleyways of Brooklyn, point out interesting old signs, and cool architecture you may not notice. I can’t wait until I can afford to go back and check out some of these things for myself.

6. Hilarious and awesomely nerdy yet slightly creepy video of the electronica song “Expialidocious” made from Mary Poppins sounds:

7. There is no seven.

8. Literal version music videos have been circulating on YouTube for some time. The one for Take on Me is probably the most well known but I think this is the one I like best:

I hope you enjoyed this week’s procrastination list. I myself used writing this post as an excuse to procrastinate on two other things I’m supposed to be doing, so we’re all in this together.

Where do you waste time online?

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