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by | September 2, 2009
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It might be the day after an appalling Campbell Liberal budget. It might be humpday or the weather might not be great. You might feel yourself catching your roommate’s cold or you might be the roommate, coughing your way through the day. You might have suddenly realized that nothing’s going to come of your fantasies about Hugh Jackman.

I may be projecting. But cheer up! It’s not all bad. Ok, the budget is really bad, but other than that… Here’s what I’m celebrating this Wednesday.

1. Glenn Beck Can’t Spell

If you haven’t seen this, you must. It’s awesome because you think he’s going to realize his mistake, but he so doesn’t. I have only recently become aware of Glenn Beck, and I will likely never return to my former innocence. Chris from the awesome Cynical-C Blog provides the best characterization:

On a side note, despite linking to several YouTube clips, I’ve never watched Glenn Beck on his Fox show. (the seizures, the seizures) That’s some studio setup he has. Flipcharts, blackboards, “redrum” scribbled several hundred times on the wall behind the flipchart… It’s like they gave a tv show to the homeless guy in Harvard Square who keeps asking tourists if they’ve seen his shoes.

2. Kongo

This is Kongo:


Kongo. or Kongorelli as I like to call him,  is my roommate’s giant black cat. I love him because his purr sounds like a vacuum cleaner, he attacks random things like clipboards for no reason, and if I ever put clothes on the bottom of my bed, he will knead the life out of them. He’s sitting behind me right now. He says hi.

3. The Vancouver Observer

I’m super excited for the Vancouver Observer’s impending relaunch. I hope you can make it out on October 6! Details here.

You can also read my latest article on child care here. While I’m on the subject I feel like I should mention a very interesting comment that was posted in response. My column basically argued that government needs to help make child care more affordable and accessible, and that electing progressive women politicians would make a difference. Here’s the response:

“With all the environmentalism about you’ve got to wonder why people have babies knowing they are doubling their carbon footprint. Then they expect the state to raise them, care for them, give them food, medicine, schooling….all for free. What happened to the pride of being self-sufficient?”

I always appreciate feedback, but I’m not really fond of someone couching neo-liberalism in the guise of environmentalism. Basically what I’m reading is people shouldn’t have kids since it hurts the environment…unless they’re wealthy. In that case they can take pride in the fact that they can afford to shell out over $1000/month for child care. You might have to do some more work before you sell me on that one, but thanks for your feedback.

4. The Broken Falls Community Hall Band

Check out the new video of Tapalpa from The Broken Falls Community Hall Band. I was part of the band back when we recorded this and I hear they’re looking to have some more shows soon with their new members and set list so I’ll keep you posted!

5. Ice Sculptures

Because I have to end with something random, I am also enjoying this site of 20 really awesome ice and snow sculptures like this praying mantis:

Praying Mantis

6. My step-sister Karen’s wicked new blog. Karen is an amazingly talented photographer and makes so many contributions to her community in the Comox Valley. Check out her blog to learn and see more about her photography work and hear great stories!

That’s it for me! What’s making you happy today?

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