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by | August 18, 2009
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I was thrilled when I found out via Cakewrecks that today is National Cupcake Day. Forget Sweet Potato Awareness Month! Screw National Bundt (pan) Day! I’m definitely not celebrating Root Canal Awareness Week (would like to forget root canals altogether, thanks), but National Cupcake Day is a holiday I can get behind!

I also felt the timing was fortuitous, as my friend Jen and I had an evening of cupcakes and Law and Order: Criminal Intent last night. Knowing Jen had to work that day, I was designated her personal cupcake shopper. Jen’s a big fan of the Cupcakes chain, so I went there and also got a few cupcakes to try from the new arrival Big City Cupcakes.

Enjoying a cupcake

Enjoying a cupcake

So I thought we’d adequately celebrated Cupcake Day.

But then it turns out that today IS NOT National Cupcake Day! The seriously awesome blog Cupcakes Take the Cake reports on the cupcake calamity.

Apparently August 18th is Soft Ice Cream Day. I have no idea how they got soft ice cream confused with cupcakes. Soft ice cream is the Harlequin novel of the dessert world – not finely crafted or at all memorable.

So it is actually befitting that the cupcake, unlike soft ice cream, has 3 national days. October 18th is for chocolate cupcakes, November 10th for vanilla, and December 15th for all cupcakes everywhere (except cupcake cakes. Cakewrecks makes a pretty convincing case).

In case you were wondering, here’s my really quick review on Original Cupcakes vs. Big City Cupcakes:

– Original cupcakes store’s atmosphere is more fun and their “cause” cupcakes are a great idea

– Big City Cupcake’s icing a overly sweet for me

– Both tasted equally good to me and had pretty equal selection

-Both businesses originally started by BC women, which is a plus for me

Basically if you live in MetroVancouver and love cupcakes, you’ve got good options. If you want a more in-depth review that I pretty much agree with, check out the analysis on Saucy’s Sprinkles. However Big City Cupcakes may end up winning me over when they open up at Metrotown, near my house. Also their website states that they will soon have some gluten-free cupcakes, which would be a huge plus for me.

But either place will more than serve Jen’s and my cupcake needs throughout this fall’s cupcake holidays, and all year round.

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