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by | August 7, 2009
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A couple things.

First, I’ve just started doing a bit of writing for the awesome local blog the Vancouver Observer. You can read my first piece here entitled “What Gender is your Recession?” This article focuses on how mass layoffs of men are affecting women, and whether this is indeed a “he-cession,” as some media outlets are calling it.

The Vancouver Observer is undergoing an overhaul for September 10th but there’s still lots of great local content on the site and new stuff being posted all the time, so I recommend you check it out!

Second, if you’re nerdy and bored you should definitely visit Here you can download stapler desktops, learn about staplers in film, view the gallery of unique and unusual staplers, and read stapler tribute poetry like this:

Stapler before dawn
Waiting in perfect silence
Dreams of loose paper
– c. allen

Seriously, check it out and be glad that I took stumbleupon off my browser so I’ve lessened the chances of finding more stuff like this in the future.

Finally, I know for some people it’s a pain to register for WordPress to post comments on this blog, but I always appreciate feedback, so if you do want to comment, feel free to email me at jarrahhodge[at]

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