Think Before You Cross the Bridge

by | July 17, 2009
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Today was pretty crazy but I wanted to catch up on some stuff that happened earlier this week.

Day 2 of my career program was focused on values analysis, so we started off being given this diagram:

Crossing the Bridge

So here’s the story. Keep in mind that everyone knows a bandit will shoot anyone who crosses the bridge:

1. Husband leaves for work

2. Children leave for school

3. Wife crosses the river on the ferry to see her boyfriend

4. Wife has fight with boyfriend and decides she wants to go home

5. Wife goes to ferry but ferry conductor says he can’t give her a ride if she can’t pay the fare

6. Wife goes back to boyfriend, who won’t give her the ferry money

7. Wife crosses bridge and gets shot dead by the bandit.

The exercise was for us to divide into 2 groups – one to defend the wife and one to blame her.


So I’m in the group to defend the wife, so of course we argue that the bandit has no right to take her life, no matter her personal decisions.

But most importantly, after doing this I want to know why it wasn’t an exercise about a man cheating on his wife while she’s at work. Why are they legitimizing people saying it’s okay for a woman to be killed if she’s cheating on her husband and maybe makes a bad decision about crossing a bridge? Did the Brothers Grimm write this values assessment?

And please, someone enlighten me to what this has to do with determining a career path.

Maybe it’s a metaphor and it’s saying you should always be prepared (take 2-way ferry fare) when on the career path in case your co-worker (boyfriend) and you have a fight and you have to go back to McDonalds (home), where you get paid next to nothing for cleaning up after kids and fat people (children and husband).

Unfortunately I have yet to discover the hidden meaning of the bandit.

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