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Top Posts of 2013

Word cloud for most popular words on Gender Focusby Jarrah Hodge

Catch up on our most popular posts from the past year. The breadth of topics they cover and the number of different contributors represented makes me so proud of our team here at Gender Focus.

1. Why I’m Supporting the #FBrape Campaign. I share my personal experiences with harassment on Facebook and talk about why the #FBrape campaign, which ultimately pushed Facebook to change some of their standards and moderation procedures, was so important to me.

2. See a Woman Reading? Leave Her Alone. Jessica Critcher makes the case that it’s not cool to bother a woman when she’s reading in public.

3. Vintage Pregnancy Advice from the Canadian Government. Highlights from a 1947 Canadian government handbook for pregnant women, which includes warning them not to do anything unduly stressful, like going to the movies or trying to read medical books.

4. My Reality: Being the Other Woman. Phoebe Vaccaro shares her story of sleeping with married men and not being ashamed of it.

5. Lesbian Couple in Kingston Receives Threatening Letters. Coverage of a summer news story in which a lesbian couple in Kingston, Ontario, apparently received threatening letters trying to drive them out of the community.

6. Did Quentin Tarantino’s Feminism Take a Step Backwards in Django Unchained? Tracy Bealer has a bone to pick with the representation of women and gender roles in Django Unchained.

7. RIP Rehtaeh Parsons, Victim of Victim-Blaming. My thoughts on the tragic death of 17-year-old Nova Scotian Rehtaeh Parsons, who took her own life after being raped and relentlessly harassed online.

8. My Boobs and I Are Outraged. Jessica Critcher wasn’t laughing at Seth McFarlane’s obnoxious “Boobs” song at the Oscars.

9. My Reality: My Abortion Experience. “This afternoon I had an abortion,” begins this article about one woman’s experience getting an abortion in Canada and her reflection for everyone to have the same level of access she had.

10. Revealing the Gendered Reveal. Maggie MacAulay takes a deeper look at the ideas behind the trend of “gender reveal parties”.

On another note, I’m not totally breaking from blogging over the holidays but I’m really tired and have needed to slow down. I have a couple lighter posts planned as well as the usual link round-ups and Funny Friday Feminist Funny Films, and will return to more regular blogging in the new year. If you’re feeling really deprived and you’ve already read all the posts above, you can check out our top posts from 2012.


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LGBT News Recap of 2012

Now This News recaps the biggest highlights and setbacks for LGBT rights in the US and worldwide from 2012.

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Top Posts of 2012

fireworksAs mentioned earlier, I’m away this week so just have a few short posts & videos going up, but if you’re bored and looking for a longer read, maybe check out one of our top posts from the past year:

  1. The Ups and Downs of Being a Feminist on Pinterest – Turns out you can carve out feminist spaces on Pinterest. Here are the pros and cons you should know going in.
  2. Geek Girl Con 2012 on Game of Thrones - I recap a Geek Girl Con panel that addressed the question: “Is Game of Thrones sexist?”
  3. Halloween 2012: Options Other Than the “Sexy ___” Costume – This year’s Halloween post includes five creative costume ideas to help feminists looking for alternatives to the “Sexy (insert noun here)” costumes in stores.
  4. Feminism, Beyond and Within: A Review of Brave – Jessica Mason McFadden talks about how the movie Brave depicts mother-daughter relationships.
  5. Sex-Selective Abortion Isn’t a “Gotcha” for Feminists – Sex-selective abortion is the latest issue anti-choicers are trying to use as a wedge to pass legislation restricting abortion in Canada and the US. This article puts the issue in perspective.
  6. New Twitter Guide for Feminists – Updated guide to the must-follow accounts and hashtags for feminists on Twitter.
  7. Feminism F.A.Q.s: What Have Women Been Told They Can’t Do? – I launched my Feminism F.A.Q.s video series this year and this video, on what women have been told they can’t do through history, was far and away the most popular.
  8. 5 Signs You’re Arguing with an Incognito Anti-Choicer – Josey Ross deconstructs the most popular anti-choice rhetoric.
  9. Violence Sells? Time to Say “Enough” To Twisted Advertisers – Working with Battered Women’s Support Services (Vancouver) back in April, we shared a week-long series of posts by Joanna Chiu on media representations of violence against women. This post on violence against women in advertising was the most popular.
  10. Buying Presents for Other People’s Children: Actually Not Super Difficult – Jessica Critcher suggests some more gender-neutral options for people buying toys for others’ children.


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