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Snow White and the Huntsman: Feminist Fairy Tale?

Poster for Snow White and the Huntsmanby Jarrah Hodge

Despite my love of re-imagined fairy tales I didn’t think I’d enjoy Snow White and the Huntsman. I’m already predisposed to hate anything with Kristen Stewart after I suffered through the first Twilight movie and Adventureland, and the movie was getting some flak from feminist blogs. The Ms. Magazine blog ran an article called “10 Reasons NOT to go see Snow White and the Huntsman.” Among the reasons:

The evil feminist. At the outset of the film, the Queen kills her latest husband and says with vengeful breathiness, “Men use women. They ruin us and when they are finished with us, they offer us to the dogs like scraps.” The film thus sets her up as a straw “man-hating feminist” for us to revile, but her brand of feminism is one no Ms. reader would recognize. Actually, the Queen is the one to ruin people and treat them like scraps, in a decidedly un-feminist matter.

It wasn’t hard to persuade me that this was not going to be the subversive story it was promised to be. And I had no hesitation accepting it wouldn’t be up to the caliber of an Angela Carter or Margaret Atwood fairy tale re-telling. (Read the rest of the review after the jump. Warning: includes a few spoilers!) Read more

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