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FFFF: New York Women’s Equality Act

Funny Feminist Friday Film square logoThis mock game show aims to raise support for the New York Women’s Equality Act by showing how ridiculous it is that the current laws still fail to address major forms of discrimination.

The Women’s Equality Coalition, who created the video, is also asking folks to sign this online petition in favour of the act. You can also share the campaign messages online, or if you’re a New York resident, call or email your legislator.

Transcript (after the jump): Read more

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Reclaiming Hope at the Feminist General Assembly

Feminist General Assembly

by Chanel Dubofsky

I was late to the last Feminist General Assembly, so in a flurry of embarassment and neurosis, I am absurdly early to this one. I sit on a bench for a while, getting sprayed by the fountain whose water moves when the wind blows, watching the Women Occupying Wall Street crew in a beautiful, conspiratorial huddle. When the Feminist General Assembly sign is unfurled and held up, people start to gather. A middle aged, balding white dude in a polo shirt calls out, “Get a job!” and keeps walking past, accompanied by some women with sweaters draped over their shoulders. What I want to do is chase after him and yell a lot, but instead, I make a mental note to write him a strongly worded letter, which he will never read.

The GA, the theme of which is LGBTQ because of Pride Month, opens with a reminder that Cece McDonald is still in prison, and that today, Lisa Brown and Eve Ensler are performing the Vagina Monologues on the steps of the Michigan capitol, because dudes think vagina is a really gross and terrible word. We all shout “vagina”, and I have a series of flashbacks to being in college and yelling it during rehearsals for the Vagina Monologues, feeling subversive and kind of dirty and scary.

We get into small groups to answer the question “What words/names/terms have you had trouble using/receiving?” In my group, the words are queer, feminist and anything queer positive. We talk about young women being nervous about using the word feminist, although they benefit so directly from the achievements of it, and how the word “feminism” implies a monolith, in fact, there are many feminisms. Read more

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At the Feminist General Assembly

Feminist General Assembly 2012by Chanel Dubofsky

I’m late to the Feminist General Assembly, and as a result, I have to run across Washington Square Park. When I see the black and white Occupy flag waving around,  I get all teary, and have to pull it together before I reach the edge of the crowd, because my ‘about to cry’ face looks  crazy.

There are moments like this, when my love for Occupy, my obsession with the theory and the manifestation have made me delirious with joy, and in those moments, I’m able to grasp it tightly and see everything through its lens. It’s a lot like feminism was and continues to be, realizing that this is my language, that this makes everything make sense: I’m not insane, I’m not shitty at life because I’m not interested in playing roles that don’t fit me. The thought of the two, Occupy and feminism, moving into together and building something, has kept me on the edge of my proverbial seat for weeks with anticipation.

So when I arrive, we’re all in these big circles (earlier there had been consciousness raising groups), which immediately is delightful to me, since so far at Occupy events, I’ve only been in giant, large groups that made me want to hide. (Although, to be fair, most of the time, any gathering with more than 5 people makes me want to hide.)  In these circles, we brainstorm, particularly around issues of allyship (what do we need from our allies and who are they?) and feminist activism. Each group would report back to the larger gathering. Read more

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