Nepal’s 1st National Netball Team – After the Game

by Matilda Branson

Just a quick update on Nepal’s National Netball Team, which I wrote about in August. A quick word with the coaches revealed it was a crazy, fun-packed, intense, sporty and amazing week spent in Sri Lanka at the 8th Asian Netball Championship.

Some of the highlights included:

The girls seeing new things for the first time – including taking photos of vending machines in Delhi Airport on the way to Sri Lanka, seeing trains for the first time (and apparently a few close calls, as there was the assumption made by the girls, as with most traffic in Kathmandu, that the traffic, including trains, would go round them), going to the beach and seeing the sea, having McDonalds and having a good shop along the way. Remember – these were all firsts – seeing the sea for the first time, let alone everything else. Definite sensory overload.

After an Opening Ceremony attended in both sari and blazer, the games began. The games, they were tough. Remember, these girls went from zero, learning about netball, to becoming as professional as possible in six weeks and were in Sri Lanka playing the best in Asia. Read more

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Women’s Empowerment Through Nepal’s 1st National Netball Team

by Matilda Branson

As usual, life in Kathmandu tosses up some odd opportunities. Last week I had the pleasure of playing practice games of netball against the national Nepali Netball team.

This was the result of my expat friend phoning the Nepali Netball Association, whose number she found on the internet, to enquire into social weekly netball games. She was informed that no, there is no social competition – in fact, none at all – but would she like to coach the national team? In less than six weeks, my friend and her boyfriend (who learned netball coaching strategies from YouTube clips) have selected and coached a crack team of young Nepali girls aged between 18-22 years, six days a week in how to play the noble game of netty, just in time for participation in the Asian Netball Championship to be held in Sri Lanka next week.

As part of their preparation, a motley bunch of expats from Commonwealth countries (where netball is actually played, inherited from the UK) were recruited to form an opposition team for the national team to practice against.

They were good. Quite good. Although it may seem a case of Cool Runnings Nepali-style, these girls are fit, determined and kick-ass, their ball skills and team play damn good considering some first picked up a netball six weeks ago.  Read more

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